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Title: [Tilting at] Windmills
Song/Artist: "Windmills," Toad the Wet Sprocket
Characters/Pairings: John-centric, some John/Aeryn
Length: 3:18
Summary: I spend too much time / raiding windmills.

With thanks to my lovely beta, [ profile] amnisias!

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Anyone up for betaing a Farscape vid? It's John-centric, kinda gen but also kinda John/Aeryn. I should have it ready to ship out by Saturday Wednesday morning at the latest. A turnaround time of two or three days would be ideal, as for once I would like to premiere a vid during a summer week that is not during or immediately after VividCon. *facepalm*

Comment or PM me with your e-mail address if you're interested. Thank you! :)
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Fringe S5 Trailer!

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I wrapped up my Farscape rewatch with The Peacekeeper Wars this weekend, You know, the only thing I remembered about that miniseries was the Lion Kingesque ending with John, Aeryn, and baby D'Argo, but it was quite excellent indeed! I'm a sucker for political machinations on a galactic scale, and by the end of its run, FS delivered that in spades. Also, although I plan to avoid children, I hope that one day, in a trying situation, I will have the same presence of mind that Aeryn demonstrates by continuing to shoot bad guys while in labor.
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My toy. Mine. You will not take it from me. )

Yeah, it's blurry, but her cuteness outshines all blurriness, yes?

Less cute: the fireworks on the fourth did her in, to the point where she refused to go outside at all and when we took her out on a leash, refused to use the yard as her bathroom. She's yet to truly get over that--there were setbacks caused by roofing going on a few doors down and then big storms over the past few nights (speaking of which, WATER! From the SKY! It's a miracle!)--so the past couple weeks have been...interesting.

On the other hand, much cuteness...


Six episodes and the miniseries from the end of my Farscape rewatch! Amazing how 4+ years of realtime episodes can go by in little more than a month. I've hit the half of S4 I really, really don't remember, because by that point I was away at college and trying to catch up with taped copies on vacations, and I think at some point I just said screw it and gave up. I did make time for the final four, though, and I distinctly remember watching them in the Lewis lounge, and then bursting into Chandra's room after "Bad Timing" wailing HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO US??!! She dragged me over to the market for Ben & Jerry's pints. There may have been a few tears. (I TAKE MY ENTERTAINMENT REALLY SERIOUSLY, OKAY.)

I owe people e-mail. This weekend, perhaps? Some day that is not today, because thunder woke me up at an ungodly hour this morning and I'm bushed.
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I remembered that the third season was where Farscape got very into plot arcs and even more into crack than it was, but I'd forgotten it was also the season where they basically turned into as close to BDSM as you can get on basic cable. Well, "Won't Get Fooled Again" aside. This has never been an image I needed in my head.

Also, they abruptly decided they were a horror show. Gaaaahhhh, "Eat Me" is going to give me nightmares for weeks. Also, it starts the Two Johns arc, and...I'm not sure I can wade through that again. Maybe I can skip some parts when it starts dragging.


Picture from yesterday evening:

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Hello, my internets! It's been a while, hasn't it? Not much has been going on, so I haven't had anything to say. Work remains enjoyable. I'm making progress--creeping progress, but still progress--on the second draft of the space pilots story.

I'm also blazing through my Farscape rewatch at the rate of roughly three-fourths of a season per week. Almost done with S2 now. There are highs and not-so-highs; the really cracked-out episodes are shining jewels, but some of them do feel a little like they're checking off boxes: "Rashomon episode, check; characters grow old on a planet but don't remember it due to the machinations of handwavium, check..." Everyone onscreen does a standout job, and they frequently rescue less interesting plots--as does the worldbuilding that hangs on to said plots--but the foundations are...a bit creaky.

The "Look at the Princess" trilogy was way better than I remembered it, though. Wow.

Anyway, that's what I've been doing. Well, that and reading, which I suppose is a given.

In non-pedestrian news, Burn Notice returns tonight! Hooray!
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I seem to have actually made some progress on my space pilots revisions in the past week. Amazing! I might actually get a second draft of this thing ready by the end of the month. We'll see.

I have also been watching, um. A lot of Farscape. Finished with S1! I haven't watched but one or two episodes since it ended in 2003, so it's been a weird mixture of not remembering anything about some episodes, and yet being able to recite some scenes word for word along with the characters. (You all know which those are, I bet.) So many memories of high school are being dredged up by association. Plus the shipperlist! You guys, remember how we worshiped at the altar of Justin Monjo? And how much we all hated Chiana when she first showed up, called her a refugee from Cats, all that? I never thought I'd grow to like her, but I did, and now I get to like her even in the early episodes.

It's held up surprisingly well. I was worried it would feel dated and cheesy, but with a few exceptions, it doesn't. It is a little Nineties Sci-Fi at times in the early episodes, and the motleyness of the characters isn't as unique as it was at the time, but it definitely still feels fresh, even without the vast infusions of crack that happened in later seasons. And the effects are still amazing. I would be impressed with them if they showed up in a series airing today, and they're phenomenal for 1999. And of course the puppets are still awesome. And I can't remember if they won makeup awards every year they were on, but if they didn't, they should've.

Aeryn was my favorite when this was still airing, but now I think Zhaan intrigues me more. (Though Aeryn is a really close second.) D'Argo is still a bit Worf Lite at this point, but he's gotten noticeably more interesting over the past twenty-two episodes. John know, I love John. John's awesome. He's confused, and even though he was smart on Earth he's bad at everything in his new environment, and I always love a fish out of water, especially one who treats it as an opportunity for wonder as well as anger/sadness. (Looking at you, Joel Fleischman. Oh, if only you could sit down with John for an hour.) And I still love that he's a Southerner but not a walking stereotype. LOVE IT. But I've seen people complain about John kind of taking over even though he's the least qualified to do so, and I do get it. He's awfully in charge from the very beginning. Sure, it's because he's our POV character, but it probably would've been more graceful to not grant him Decision-Maker status in so many situations.

John and Aeryn are obviously the designated canon couple from the moment they meet onscreen (and she beats him up), but they were pushing D'Argo/Zhaan pretty hard there for a while too. That would've been...interesting. I'm pretty sure I would've liked it better than the whole Chiana/D'Argo,/Jothee...thing that happened in the later seasons. (Between that, the Endless Two Johns Arc and the John Goes Crazy For Reals Arc in S3 and S4, respectively, I have to admit I'm...well, let's just say I'm going to savor S2 before I get there. Though S3 does redeem itself with "Revenging Angel," which is my favorite episode.)

There seems to be commentary for almost every episode. I don't usually watch commentaries, but if there's an especially good one, sometimes I do. Are any of them good? The title for the one for "Jeremiah Crichton" does suggest much mockery goes on, and that's certainly the only way I'm ever watching that episode again (well, that an an alcohol substitute I still haven't found yet).... Wish I'd made that decision for "Thank God It's Friday, Again," because really, was there any reason for that episode to exist? I think not.

Two questions for the class:

1. After "A Human Reaction" (which might be my other favorite episode. Oh, man, you remember when...Cristin, was it you who recorded the morning after scene that was deleted for US airings but aired in Canada and showed it at ScaperCon? That was awesome), I am jonesing for some fic of the John and Aeryn go to Earth and stay variety. I started one once, but the logistics of it got away from me and I never finished it. Anyone got recs along these lines?

2. I just remembered that the aspect ratio changes in S3. AAAAAAHHHHH! That's going to frell up my vid, isn't it? Vidders, halp! I've never had to deal with this before! What do you do?

(I'm going to have to do a lot of cropping, aren't I? Arrrrgh.)
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Farscape turned ten yesterday. In another couple of months, it will have been ten years since I joined the FS-Shippers list, which, although it wasn't the first mailing list I joined or the first fandom I read/wrote fic for, was the first fandom for which I attended conventions both in person and virtual, and where I made such long-lasting friends. (I think a third of my flist consists of FS-Shippers folk. Speaking of which, my sixth LJiversary is this month as well.) I started my second year of high school the fall after I joined the list. I was fifteen. To this day, I haven't come across a more welcoming and enjoyable fandom to be a part of. *hugs everyone* *porns some DRDs for old times' sake*

And today, BSG presents its final episodes. I am sad to see it end, but I also don't know how much longer they could've dragged out the storyline. I hope we get answers to some of the questions I've been asking myself, but I also don't expect an answer for everything. I guess we'll find out in a few hours.
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This weekend, I got two new pairs of shoes in as many days. This necessitated reorganizing the upper shelf of my closet, where I keep shoes I don't wear at least once a week neatly in their boxes, to fit two new pairs in. (Both pairs are Not Sandals, which are of course the only thing practical in the current weather.)

Since I was in an organizational mood after that, I decided to bring some order to my computer. I'm not quite there yet, but at least my "downloads" folder is down from 500+ items to 168, the rest having been either deleted or put into subfolders. To complete this organization, I ended up watching a lot of vids with names I didn't recognize, and skipping down memory lane in the process.

- Atlantis had such potential. Awesome-looking, completely unexplored city built by the ancient ancestors of humans, a whole new galaxy to explore, interesting characters who were totally cut off from Earth...what went wrong there? It went from super-cool to utterly meh in about two seasons. Boooo.

- You know what I miss? The Invisible Man. Remember that one? It was so goofy and funny! And then Vincent Ventresca's hair was another source of amusement all by itself.

- I think I've half talked myself into rewatching all of BSG before the TV movie in December. There are large chunks of the ongoing plotline I need to get myself back up to speed on.

- I'm also heading toward (one day) rewatching all of Farscape and all of the X-Files. ...Well, most of the X-Files. Minus almost all of S8-9. And probably minus a few Farscape episodes as well (Lobster of Truth, anyone?).
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Today, for some reason lost in the mists of my short attention span, I went looking for X-Files music vids. One site also had Farscape vids, which of course I had to peek at. And naturally, now I want to rewatch both shows from the beginning. Well, minus most of S8 for XF...and some chunks of S7...maybe a couple episodes from S6 as well... (Nearly ten years later and I am still pissed off about that "children of starlight" crap. BOO, CHRIS CARTER, BOOOOOOOOOOO.) There are a few S4 episodes of Farscape I could skip as well...Lobster of Truth, anyone?

Yeah, now I'm wishing I hadn't canceled my Netflix subscription. Although if I watch TV, then there's less time to write and read books... Decisions, decisions.

(I think I would get twice as much out of TXF now that I've got both an academic education, courtesy of college, and an innuendo education, courtesy of fandom and ballroom.)

Anyway, I realized three things while watching said vids:

1. First-season M&S are so young OMG. They both look like kids. Gillian Anderson was only 24 when she took the job. SHE WAS ONLY A YEAR OLDER THAN ME. I...what?

2. M&S really spent quite a bit of time touching each others' faces, especially in the later years. And the Doctor and his various companions have been given a run for their money on the hand-holding front.

3. Either there are very few good vids out there, which I find exceedingly hard to believe for a fandom of this size, or I'm no good at Googling today. Anyone got recs? I'm partial to humor, Mulder/Scully, character study, and--should there actually be any beyond the three I've seen--Doggett/Reyes vids, but anything well-done good.
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Virtual ScaperCon in Natalie's LJ!

Come! See! Be mentally scarred for the rest of your life!


May. 1st, 2005 09:28 pm
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JAG finale spoilers )

So I guess I don't need the ep on CD, Kate. Thanks for the offer, though! :)


Mar. 10th, 2005 10:16 pm
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When will I learn not to write a freaking THESIS for a mere 3,000-word paper? When? GAH!

After 2,000 words, I think I might have a structure figured out for the Farscape/Looney Tunes paper. I'm calling it "Three Levels of the Chase in 'Revenging Angel'" (only worded way cooler), and in brief, I'm trying to talk about:
1.) The techniques of the chase: comic timing, inverted logic, etc.
2.) What effect having Farscape appropriate the Looney Tunes characters, structure, and "look" has on the humor of the episode (i.e. the appropriation makes it funnier)
3.) The fact that having the (partially-)animated chase sequences (both D'Argo/John and Harvey/John) involved in a larger narrative context--i.e., John dying, Harvey trying to get him to take revenge, John nearly giving in until he realizes he has to take control of his own mind back from Harvey because "[He's] real. [He] has to live with the consequences of what [he] does"--gives them new meaning, and involves them in a discourse about staying true to yourself.

Yeah, it's broad enough that I could totally write 3,000 words on ANY of those. And I think what I need to do is ditch number one and concentrate mostly on three, with a little of two, except of course the 2,000 words I have are mostly about number one.

*tears out hair*


I will have a rough draft of this finished by tomorrow, even if I have to stay up all night to do it. I'm finidn it impossible to work on my other essay before I finish this one, so finished it must be. Grrr.
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Okay, so did my flat get the gimpy router or something? The entire flat's 'net connection went out between 5 and 7 PM last night. At least they fixed it this morning, but this is the second time in as many weeks it's been out for more than twelve hours. Um, £60 ResNet fee? Grrr.

So of course, since I couldn't get online to research for my papers, I did other forms of...research. Heh. Okay, I did some legitimate work by watching Farscape, since it seems my paper is going to at least have a significant section on "Revenging Angel," and it may turn out to be best if I structure the entire paper around the episode, describing how it takes Looney Tunes tropes personas and transfers them into a larger plot context that manages to say things about love and identity and power through hermaneutic references to said tropes and personas.

I swear to God, that is the kind of sentence you would read in a postmodernist essay.

So, yeah, two solid pages of notes on that episode. And then I had to go help Ellen watch three Wonderfalls episodes after I finished the Farscape. Of course... Heh. Am still contemplating writing my next Satire essay (the one due in June) on that show. There must be a way.
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Finally got off my butt and submitted to the Horn Gallery Magazine. Woo-hoo! Haven't been meaning to do that for a semester or anything. Now to figure out which few of my many, many photos I might want to submit to them as well...

In other news, I talked to my film prof about my cartoon essay today (well, exchanged a few sentences, anyway); he's never neard of Farscape, but seemed excited about my using "Revenging Angel" in the paper. Rock. I'm totally spending at least a third of the paper discussing this...
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So I was trying to write this Atlantis fic, see, and it wasn't going well. So for some strange reason, I ended up looking at this unfinished Farscape drabble-like thing I'd written back when the first season was in first-run. Only a bit of the original version remains, 'cause hey, I'm not fifteen anymore and I've theoretically learned how to write better in the intervening years. ;)

TITLE: "A Share of Winters"
AUTHOR: Icepixie
DISCLAIMER: Farscape ain't mine, and the dollar/pound exchange rate has eaten all my money, so please don't sue.
ARCHIVE: If you so desire. Please tell me where at author1[at]comcast[dot]net.
NOTES: Set after "I, E.T." but before "The Flax."
SUMMARY: "In their own ways, every 'rock' they visited reminded him of Earth."

Ficcy )

This has nothing to do with last semester. Noooothing at all.
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It occurs to me that in my coming paper on Looney Tunes, I can totally ref "Revenging Angel." And therefore my college-long goal of using Farscape in a paper will be realized.


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