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The loop jump video I linked to yesterday turned out to be useful for more than just illustrative purposes. I tried using a hockey line the way the guy in the video does, and I actually held the edge almost long enough to make it work! Still no rotation, but it's coming into sight.


Every time I read things from the Lois & Clark fic archive, I feel like I've entered a time warp. Even the fics from this year read like fic circa 1996. It's like all the new stylistic trends and narrative devices and increased irony and self-awareness of the past twenty years has completely passed this fandom by. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just a very weird thing. I guess it could be due to the canon, which is a.) very 90s, and b.) very much and exceptionally non-ironic, and indeed frequently crosses the line into mushy.

I happened to find out yesterday that Superman: The Animated Series stars Tim Daly as Clark and Dana Delany as Lois, and wow, I cannot imagine more perfect casting on anything. The guy who played moral, upright, sweet, slightly OCD Joe Hackett as Clark/Superman and the woman who played sassy, courageous, practical, sensitive Colleen McMurphy as Lois? These actors were born for these roles! For casting that perfect, I'd actually watch the show in its entirety if it were on Netflix or otherwise rentable, but I'm not quite interested enough to pay iTunes's asking price.

Although...I see it's available for free on Amazon Prime. This might be the thing that tips me over into getting Prime for a year.
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On a whim, I decided to get the first disc of Lois and Clark from Netflix. I wasn't sure what to expect besides baggy 90s clothes, This is very much like Nora Ephron got ahold of the Superman franchise, isn't it? With a smidgen of X-Files thrown in, given the whole government conspiracy angle that seems like it will become a running theme?

It's completely ridiculous, the dialogue is often terrible, and the FX are awful even for 1993, but I like all the characters and I've taken a shine to Lois/Clark, because of course I have. I appreciate her "you do the fluffy women's interest stories, I'll do the hard-hitting investigative reporting" angle.

But. Two questions: How long until Lois sees the obvious, and can I skip most of the episodes until she figures it out? Better yet, could I watch them secure in the knowledge that she's known all along (because "not wearing glasses" is not an effective disguise!) and will whip it out at an opportunely awesome moment?

Because much as I like these people, I don't think I can sit through season upon season of her having to carry the idiot ball where Clark = Superman is concerned.

P.S. Your fic recs, I want them.

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