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Completely unrelated except for the fact that both are/were on AMC: Lee Pace has a new show about computers set in the early eighties? How did I not know this?
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I swear to god, I am going to murder my right ovary if this cyst doesn't go away pronto.

To take my mind off the fact that I can't go more than twenty minutes now without having to use the bathroom (and yeah, the pain, sure, but that's nowhere near as awful as the reduced bladder capacity), here are some thoughts on season two and part of season three of Mad Men.

Less conniving than I anticipated )
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I've spent a large part of my recovery so far watching the first season of Mad Men. Why did no one ever tell me it was this good?? I had somehow gotten the impression it was full of despicable people doing despicable things to a couple of halfway decent people and getting away with it because it was edgy, or something--so basically that it was exactly like Peggy's rant in 1.12 about horrible people doing what they want and innocent people suffering the consequences--but it's not like that at all! Well, not 90% of the time, anyway.

Uh, spoilers, I guess? )

The rest of my recovery is proceeding about like I should, as far as I can tell. It's slower than the last one, but I had more done and 36 hours in the hospital this time, so there's that. I'm not going to worry about weaning off the narcotics until Monday. I have a bruise the size of my palm on my forearm from the IV, but surprisingly little bruising around the four lap port sites. Walking is going well, especially if I remember to wear the abdominal binder I asked for in the hospital, and if I do it at certain points in the metabolization of my pain meds, let's just say.

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