Dec. 14th, 2014 06:40 pm
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Hooray! The show is over went fairly well. Someone did fall, but not at a super critical moment and she didn't take anyone else out with her. (If someone had fallen during the kickline, now that would've been a disaster. A kickline on ice is exactly as unstable as it sounds.) Other than that and a few timing glitches, it seems to have looked pretty good. Our pinwheel was straight, which was a minor miracle, and it looks very cool on the video.

I enjoyed getting to watch most of the show from the sidelines rather than spending the time sewing my dress together. We had a couple of guest pairs and a dance team, all of whom were excellent, especially the Novice pair. They were super good, very well-packaged with excellent choreography and presentation, and I absolutely expect to see them at the Olympics if they stay together long enough.

I invested in a pair of these tights for the show, and it may have been the best decision I made all year. The only way they could've been warmer is if they were fleece-lined. Between that and my long-sleeved leotard, I didn't freeze this year!

(I would totally buy a fleece-lined leotard, though. If and when I ever really learn how to sew, that's the first thing I'm making.)


34k and some change on the angst!fic. SO CLOSE. (I'll be looking for a beta shortly if anyone's interested and knows China Beach canon...)


I finished S2 of Miss Fisher this weekend. So cute! I loved the Christmas special, and the one before it, and the one with Jack undercover at the radio, and... It's light, but eventually became very satisfying. (Although, ummm, was it everyone in the cast's mission to interrupt Jack and Phryne in those last two episodes? Heh.)
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I made it to the maintenance dose of my allergy shots yesterday! Woooo!

I think they've actually been helpful, or maybe it's all the allergy meds I take now. Either way, we've had a stray cat hanging around lately--okay, more likely it's a wandering neighbor cat who's figured out this neighborhood is an open bar--and it hasn't made me sneeze yet.

Cat pictures )

I've watched through 2.3 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. You were all right, it did get much better, especially Jack (and to a slightly lesser extent Phryne). He has a personality (and it's funny)! She is much less irritating! Dot and Hugh are still completely adorable, and Jane is much less trying than I expected.

Certain People Who Know Who They Are might enjoy this. It's kind of like a gender-reversed Castle mated with a BBC costume drama and shipped to Australia.

Finally, the annual Christmas Tree pictures. I upgraded this year; by happy chance, my mother got herself a slimmer, trimmer tree just as I completely overwhelmed my poor 4.5-footer with ornaments, so I inherited her slim-but-not-close-enough-to-singularity tree.

Too lazy to HTML, look at them on Flickr instead.
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I just watched the first two episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I'm on the fence. I really liked the crusty, older doctor in the first episode and Dot, the maid, in both episodes. (Dot and Constable What's-his-name are admittedly adorable as well.) The whole Detective Phryne and Girl Friday Dot is an excellent dynamic. I'm starting to wonder if Phryne is going to collect a lost lamb of a younger woman or girl in every episode, given her unexpected desire to foster Jane in the second episode. The twist in the first episode absolutely caught me by surprise, so that was good. There are some funny moments here and there. I cannot tell the two Communist taxi drivers apart at all.

But. Phryne...kind of annoys the hell out of me in some ways? Despite all the hints about her poor childhood, she's drawn like one of those rich characters who can't relate to the salt of the earth underlings and eventually get some kind of comeuppance. There's a kind of irritating nobility to her character, I guess.

Jack Robins (Robinson? I forget his name, which is indicative of the problem with him) is as dull as dishwater and I do not buy the brewing romance between him and Phryne for one second. So, so dull. I am not looking forward to further developments on that front.

The seasons are pretty short, so I guess I'll at least watch S1. If nothing else, the set design is lovely, as are the costumes, given what they have to work with. (I loathe the dropped waists of 1920s dresses, so while I like the hats and the fabrics and the shoes, the actual clothing does little for me.) And I hear Phryne gets a plane soon. That should be fun.

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