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Wait, so is this true, or just some Tumblr constructed reality GIF wizardry? Because if it's true, I may need to start watching Rizzoli & Isles again.


Okay, it wasn't true, but apparently a new showrunner is making hay of the awful "Jane's pregnancy" storyline by having Jane legit ask Maura to raise the kid with her (and Maura of course saying "of course," because what else would she say?).
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In which I set myself free! )

In other news, Rizzoli & Isles returned last night. There was Bill O'Reilly. It was just as bad as you would expect, although not for exactly the reasons you would expect. But I enjoyed the snarking between Jane & Maura, Jane & Frost, Jane & Frost & Korsak, etc. Also, Maura changing a tire. And changing into appropriate footwear first. Ha!

Also, next week's Castle looks really good. Castle and Beckett apparently spend part of the episode handcuffed together, and...okay, Marlowe & co. basically just put some fanfic up on the screen, and I am 100% okay with that.
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OMG, this photo of a miniature horse. It has little horse sneakers. Little VELCRO horse sneakers.

ETA: Further research suggests that because this is a guide horse and goes in malls and other places with slick floors, it requires shoes to avoid slipping on the tiles. And also to be ridiculously cute.


Warehouse 13 )

Rizzoli & Isles )
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The shows I watch all had fairly blah outings this week. Boo. Very short thoughts on all of them follow:

Rizzoli & Isles )

Burn Notice )

Warehouse 13 )

While I'm here, have two links:

Hipster Star Trek - Sadly not updated recently and only has a few macros, but the ones they have are hilarious.

WTF Comcast - Comcast OnDemand listings that are...well...odd.

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