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It took me way too long to notice this--though to be fair, Thompson was a complete non-entity for me until 1x05, and Sousa wasn't much better--but...

Jack Thompson. Daniel Sousa. Peggy Carter.

All right, 'fess up. Who behind the scenes is a Stargate fan? And when will Agent Teal'c be making an appearance? ("It's, uh...a Croatian name. Yeah.")
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I haven't written SG-1 fic or really even thought about the franchise in seriously like five years, so God only knows how much resemblance this actually bears to canon, or, for that matter, to graduate programs in archaeology. But I've pretty much written it for the lols, and because I wanted a story to go along with my icon.

(Since I'm teaching my students about plagiarism on Monday, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't mention that the idea for said icon is not mine. I saw a version of it, I think with a different picture and slightly different wording, many moons ago, but haven't seen it around since, so I made my own. Whoever came up with this icon idea, you're brilliant. :))

Title: They Didn't Teach This in Grad School
Author: [ profile] icepixie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 358
Summary: "Sure, the freshmen he'd taught as a grad student might have murdered Middle Kingdom culture, the English language, and possibly his soul, but at least they hadn't been trying to murder him."

Silliness )
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Urk. Have plague.

Actually, I don't know what I have. It's even money that it's a virus or some complication of the last sinus infection. I got bigger better antibiotics yesterday morning "just in case," and showed marked improvement by this afternoon, so...maybe it is bacterial? I have no idea. I just know I had the sorest throat ever (and the pain tended to radiate up to my right ear when I swallowed) and a fever for four days, and now have moved on to the beginnings of a great keep-the-roomate-up-all-night cough. Good thing I don't have a roommate at the moment. Unless you count the dogs.


Am in a continuing quandry re: grad school. Have added the University of Maryland and possibly GWU to my list o' schools (which also includes UVA and UC Santa Barbara, for those who haven't kept up). GWU sounds quite frankly awesome, except for the bit where it's in the middle of DC. I don't really have a problem with being in the middle of the city, except that it sounds like housing nearby is hard to come by, and if I wanted to commute, I could do that from home, you know? Hmmm. Will investigage more.

Really, really need to look further into Schools I Actually Might Get Into. Am not sure which those might be.


I redesigned my fanfic archive this weekend, and because of that, despite not having read fic for or even thought about the show since...sometime in 2004, I believe, I have a sudden hankering for SG-1 fic. Daniel/Janet fic in particular, although I see that there seems to have been rather a lot of Daniel/Vala fic produced in the past two years, to which I say, "Hooray!" (I can ship Daniel with anyone--Janet, Vala, Sam (as long as it's really early in the series, before the whole Sam/Jack thing really takes off), Jonas, Jack, Teal'c... I shipped him with Weir when Weir was still Jessica Steen. Although I believe Dan/Jan is the only one where the actors admitted to deliberately trying to create subtext...)

Re: Sam/Jack, see new icon from old picture. Aren't they adorable? Awwwwwwww.

DS spam

Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:37 pm
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Was that...why, yes, it is. That is Amanda Tapping in an episode of Due South. Getting abducted by aliens, no less.

The Canadian film industry really does consist of thirty actors who all regularly show up on each others' shows.

(P.S. I told you I wouldn't be shutting up about this show for a while. Sorry for the spam.)
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Apparently something went boom in Atlantis and/or SG-1 fandoms today. Anyone care to clue me in?
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Okay, I've seen the Broccoli Test on my flist, and this I have to play.

[It's supposed to test nonverbal communication between two characters in a close relationship. Would one be able to communicate to the other from across a store that they need broccoli, but without words or pointing at the vegetable in question?]

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Giving up on To the Lighthouse. It's become almost as incomprehensible as The Waves. I think I'll give it a few years and try again, though. I think my root problem with this and The Waves is that they both start out int he minds of children. Not only do I dislike children on general principles, but Woolf's characterization of them as unreasoning, ruled-by-their-emotions sorts, which certain true to life, is just not as much fun to read as other things, y'know? I dunno, it's just off-putting from the very beginning, whereas Orlando, which starts from when the title character is a teenager or young man, not a young child, and more importantly is told from the POV of a "biographer," not from inside his head, exactly, was not.


Tiny spoiler for SG-1 )

Slightly bigger spoiler for Atlantis )

I spotted the actress who played Gretchen (the "Christmas and Easter Jew" from Wonderfalls) in a Philadelphia cream cheese commercial. Hee. She's still playing a ditz.


Grrr, argh, prickly heat. *scratches legs*
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Shorter and shallower comments than usual this week. *shrug*

Also, why was I not watching this in a room with a couple hundred Scapers? *pouts*

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Jul. 11th, 2005 10:15 pm
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Inside Sci-Fi Friday - casting spoilers, mainly )
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There is fic out there pairing Sam (SG-1) and Major Roger Healey, of I Dream of Jeannie fame.

Just thought you needed to know that.


Apr. 25th, 2005 10:47 pm
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Despite all my protestations to the contrary, it appears that I am, in fact, sick. *coughs, winces at burning in throat* See, buying all those popsicles and ice cream cones yesterday was in fact some kind of premonitory shopping. Just as long as it doesn't turn into the New Zealand Hobbit Death Flu from first semester sophomore year, I'll be okay. If it had to happen in May, it at least picked the best week for it--papers aren't due for a nice long time.

In more cheerful news, More spoiler pictures from Stargate S9 )
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Moebius II )
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SG-1: It's Good to Be King. Random thoughts. )

And I still have to work out what I'm saying about justice and revenge in Titus Andronicus. Bah.
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