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Finished Spaced last night. I knew what to expect this time, so it was a lot easier to fall into the rhythm of the episodes. Plus, Tim and Daisy are just so freaking cute. Eee. (Plus? EPILOGUE. Awwwwww.)


I'm writing the proposal for my 102 class, and I've gotta say, I'm really thrilled about it. 101 is kind of exciting too, but this class is going to be awesome. With some help from a doctoral student (who coincidentally happens to be the other person in the department doing contemporary Irish poetry), I figured out how not to have to cut anything from my mammoth potential reading/viewing list! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm going to make each of them sign up for three extra readings per semester, and have a Blackboard discussion-board conversation among themselves in the small groups that result for each reading. Then they'll have to present on the text and their discussion for a few minutes. It'll be GREAT! And I won't feel guilty for leaving, say, Asimov off the syllabus for the entire class in a sci-fi course.

The paper assignments are going to be pretty cool as well, if I do say so myself. One of them is on fan culture in general (observe a message board/LJ comm/whatever and write a paper about what you see), and for another, one of the options will be analyzing how some fan works of the student's choice interact with/transform their source material. It just occurred to me that there's a slight possibility someone might stumble across my fic in the course of doing those assignments, which would be incredibly weird, but I guess I can live with it. (I have yet to decide what my answer to the inevitable question of "Do you write fanfic?" will be. I have no intention of telling them my nom de plume ever, but I'm not sure whether to deny everything, or just say, "Maybe I do, maybe I don't; if you're still curious after the semester ends, I'll give you a straight answer.")
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I bought a new pair of headphones yesterday. They are replacing the old ones, which are at least seven years old by now and probably more like ten, and which finally died the other day. (Well, if I get the angle of the jack juuuust right I can hear out of both ears, but it's become more trouble than $10 for a new pair is worth to me.) Anyway, with the new headphones, I discovered some songs I acquired relatively recently (like, within the past year) have bass parts. Who knew! Apparently my old ones had been cutting out anything below a certain hertz. It's like getting new songs for free!

Cheap thrills, folks, cheap thrills.

ANYWAY. I watched the first season of Spaced tonight. (It's a British show; the seasons are only seven episodes long, and apparently there were only two of them. Boo.) I admit, the first couple episodes, I was sort of, "Uhhh...this is weird and not entirely funny," but by the third episode, something clicked and I was really enjoying it. And that last episode, particularly the bit at the end with Daisy and Tim dancing? AWWWWW. I'm a complete sucker for the relationship-of-convenience trope, but those two are completely charming even without it.

I maintain that it's very much like an urban, British version of Corner Gas with an actual romantic plot. So, uh, not much like CG at all, except for the similar style, with the cutaways to imagined scenes and continuous comic book/sci-fi references. My other thought was that it's a version of Friends with dorks, but I haven't seen more than about half an episode of Friends, so I'm not sure about that comparison. It does kind of feel more like "Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson Make a Sitcom" than an actual sitcom, but I think that's because a.) the actors are obviously enjoying it so much that it comes through even when the characters aren't necessarily supposed to be happy at the moment, and b.) the stylization of it, with everything that happens being over-dramatized for comic effect.

At any rate, I'm definitely looking forward to S2. Although I could live without Martha.


Jun. 18th, 2009 04:08 pm
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I thought the most time-consuming part of making my 101 syllabus was going to be going over the new readings book for this year and figuring out what to include and how to supplement (this collection is even more dire than the one we used last year). What was actually going to take the most time is typing in all the dates on the schedule. Good lord.

That said, now that I have all my dates typed in and have figured out when each of the four papers will be due, the rest of it is falling into place fairly nicely. What with holidays, student conferences, peer review workshops, and the like, the number of days I have to fill with stuff looks less daunting. Once I'm done with that, I'll just need to write out the four big paper assignments, and I'll be pretty much finished and ready for the semester to start. Well, for 101, anyway. I might not be able to say the same about my thesis. (Although this afternoon I sat down and in about fifteen minutes came up with a one-page outline of my topic as it stands now, basically just off the top of my head, so, you know, I'm probably doing okay.)


I watched the first episode of Spaced on YouTube last night, and...yeah, that was pretty entertaining. Think I'll wait for the rest on DVD, though, 'cause I could use some closed captioning for a few of the characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed the acting out of the picture-taking montage from Green Card, and the song from The King and I over their meetings in the coffee shop was great. It reminds me more of Corner Gas stylistically than anything else--CG was very fond of the brief jump-cuts to daydreams--but I definitely see some Northern Exposure influence there as well. I think once I see more of it I will quite enjoy it.

Moar TV

Jun. 12th, 2009 12:05 am
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So apparently a British sitcom called Spaced not only includes my bulletproof narrative kink of the sham marriage/relationship that of course produces UST, but it also claims to be heavily influenced by Northern Exposure.


Just stuck it in my Netflix queue. Hopefully it's as good as the Wikipedia article makes it sound.

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