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May. 17th, 2009 07:57 pm
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Insta-Rec: How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership, by [ profile] sparky77. Ahahahahaha. Kirk attempts to be an authority figure, and hilarity results. (I wasn't even looking for Trekfic, but someone linked to it in the comments of a post I was reading, and I had to forward it once I'd read it.)
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So, Star Trek. I went to see it in iMax today (which, as far as I can tell, was not significantly different from watching it on a regular screen--perhaps it was a bit more "high def," since I'm not sure you could see, like, chicken pox scars on people's faces on a regular screen, but it wasn't worth the extra money, IMO). Despite it being all over my flist, I haven't really been paying attention to the publicity or the buzz about the film, so I went in unsure what to expect--I'd seen the trailer when it came out, categorized it as "teen action flick," and went about my business until it came out and I heard murmurings that it was actually good. My history with the Trek franchise skips rather prominently over TOS; I've seen all of TNG, most of DS9, and most of Voyager, although I've been trying to block out much of that last one (Janeway's holoboyfriend for the LOSE). I have, however, seen enough bits and pieces of TOS (and been exposed to it through cultural seepage) to figure out the majority of the jokes and references in the film. Although I was embarrassingly fannish about TNG, DS9, and VOY for a time in middle and high school, I haven't seen an episode or anything for something like a decade now.

Spoilery stuff )


A few spoilers for Castle )


And some more for Cupid )
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So I go hunting for X-Files fics, and where do I end up but on YouTube, watching Voyager clips. Don't ask. Anyway, apparently there's a rabid Paris/Torres vid clip-uploader out there, because practically every scene they were in together is on YT.

I always thought B'Elanna was the most interesting character on that show. (Not that this is, you know, hard when your competition is the likes of Harry Kim and Neelix, but still.) She got to be the token half-breed, but they actually did some pretty cool things with it. And I think her and Tom were basically the only Trek characters who ever who got to have something resembling a normal romantic relationship that didn't end in tears. (Well, there was Miles and Keiko...oh, and Riker and Troi! Even if it did take them ten years and four movies, but whatever.)

But yes, they were the only thing that made Voyager watchable after Janeway went crazy and half the cast stopped caring and I discovered that there was better science fiction on TV.* They actually did right by them, mostly; from their first meeting through what I saw of the end was funny and sweet, with just enough complication to make it interesting.

Which of course means I need to read fic. Argh, here I thought I'd left this fandom behind me years ago. But I think Trek is like the peanut butter and jelly of fandom--soft and palatable, kind of boring, a little too sweet, but nice to have once in a while nonetheless.** There aren't the storytelling possibilities (or, let's face it, skill) of a BSG or a Farscape, but the Federation is a utopia I'd kind of like to live in. (Need something? Replicate it! Need to get off a planet in a hurry? Transport out! Need to solve a problem quickly? Technobabble to the rescue! See why it's bland? But it's nice to imagine living there.) Plus, the franchise as a whole was my very first fandom. You can't fully escape your roots.

* Well, that and my soft spot for Seven and the Doctor together. (How adorable is "Someone to Watch Over Me"? Awwwwwww. I've totally had "You Are My Sunshine" stuck in my head for days now.)

** Although DS9 didn't do too badly as far as interesting plots and moral quandries, not to mention fun Bajoran religion and lots and lots of politics, yay!

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