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Fandom stockings have been revealed, and I got amazing things! I received a podfic of a lovely Northern Exposure story, some nifty photos from Rouleau, Saskatchewan (aka Dog River), a sweet Michael/Fi-centric Burn Notice fic, and IVANOVA/GARIBALDI FIC OMG OMG!

This year, I didn't write as much as I hoped to, but I did write three things. All are rated G and under 1,000 words.

due South
Glad Spirits - Meg meets her father-in-law for the first time. I guess it could be set in the same AU as "Down the Rabbit Hole," although it doesn't have to be. Fraser/Thatcher.

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart) - "The thing is, she thinks when Julian hits on her yet again at their weekly breakfast together, part of her would like to say yes." My first Bashir/Jadzia Dax fic in...twelve years? Thirteen? It's been over a decade, anyway. Baby's first OTP! The e.e. cummings title may be a fandom cliche by now, but I swear it's relevant.

A Very Good Year - Happy birthday to Astrid. Teamy, fluffy S2-era gen.

Mixed bag

Nov. 23rd, 2011 10:19 pm
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Hmmm. Do I need to see the new Muppets movie in the theater? I was going to wait for the DVD, but it's been getting very good reviews. I might need to bump it up my priority list. (Pezzers, why aren't you nearby so we could see it together?)

Speaking of movies, I watched Super 8 tonight. If you ever wanted to see a movie where Mulder and Scully have been replaced by a group of fourteen-year-old boys (and Elle Fanning) and sent back to 1979, but still have a run-in with aliens and creepy military people, this is the movie for you.

I watched it because of the J.J. Abrams pedigree, since I usually tend to like what comes out of Abrams's crazy head--though, admittedly, I tend to like it more once it's been filtered through the heads of people who can keep details straight--and it did not disappoint on that score. Spoilers. )


Awww, look, someone made a Julian/Jadzia vid! Okay, the song actively makes me want to set fire to something, but but but Baby's First OTP! And no one ever makes vids for them, and literally there hasn't been a new fic written for them since 2003!


Finally, some more music recs. I've mentioned before that I have something of a like-hate relationship with The Innocence Mission, but recently Pandora started coughing up tracks that I actually love. Who knew these were their best albums?

First is Glow, which is from 1995 and sounds basically like the album The Sundays might have made if they were American. (For that matter, have my current favorite Sundays song: Can't Be Sure.) Again like The Sundays, this album is built around the sound of a hollow-body electric guitar. I only just recently learned that this instrument is what produces the sound I find so attractive.

Anyway, my four favorites from this album:
That Was Another Country

Fast-forward fifteen years. Not long after Glow, their drummer quit, and they just...never bothered to replace him, which had a considerable effect on their sound. Where Glow fits in, albeit not perfectly, to the wide, wide field that was alternative rock of the early- and mid-nineties, by the time they got to My Room in the Trees they'd obviously decided they were a folk band, by god, and so like some of their others I've recced, this is much more piano-driven and generally quieter. But my quibble with much of their other work is that Karen Peris lets the melody noodle around unattractively for ages and ages until she gets back to the chorus or another verse, and while I like variations and inventiveness as much as the next person, these just make me want to yell at her to get back to the point. Thankfully, this tendency is much less in evidence on this album, and in particular on my two favorites:

Gentle the Rain at Home
North American Field Song

Annnnd one more for the road, entirely unrelated to any of the above:

Follow the Arrow - Rosi Golan & Human. Dunno who Human is, but this sounds exactly like one of Golan's bouncier solo tracks.


Mar. 30th, 2008 10:29 am
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Don't you hate those random, desperate desires to read new fic about a pairing that hasn't been canonically viable for more than ten years, the last fanfic about which was probably written at least a year ago? You search around the internet, LJSeek, Icerocket, and Google groups, but it's all stuff you've read before, and eventually you end up opening your fic folder for that fandom or pairing, and wondering if maybe there's something in there that's decent which you'd forgotten you'd written, and perhaps with some additional text and polishing it could be posted, creating a renaissance of interest in the pairing, except, oh wait, you wrote everything in that folder when you were fifteen and it's just too depressing to even read past the first paragraph in any of those documents...

This has been my morning.

Uh, anyone have any Bashir/Jadzia Dax recs?

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