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My mom bought a can of Tony Chachere's Seasoning (BTW, [ profile] sleepingcbw or other Louisianans, how is that pronounced?), and duuuuude. I am going to put this on everything!

(Although possibly pinto beans don't need quite that much when it's also combined with a dose of chili powder...)


A random blast from the past: Seven of Nine and the Doctor singing "You Are My Sunshine"* and "My Darling Clementine," along with two other scenes. I shipped them so much after "Someone to Watch Over Me." Well, until I quit watching the show a year later out of sheer frustration. But they were adorable. ("Holodeck 2, tomorrow, 1600 hours. Just you, me...and a tuning fork.")

Relatedly, the Doctor provides an...interesting interpretation of "Rock-a-bye Baby."

* Enjoy the earworm. I'd apologize, but it's been in my head for a day now, and I lost all my sympathy long ago.
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Title: Kate of Nine
Rating: This ABOMINATION is rated G, but that doesn't mean it won't scar your soul.
Summary: In which Kate's co-workers discover what she does on weekends, and I make several really awful jokes.

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(Apologies if this appears twice; I'm testing to see if problems updating are limited to crossposting or more widespread.)
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GIP! I can has pretty Narniaesque lamppost icon! Except it's not Narnia, but rather Gambier, and run through Photoshop at that, but, you know. Yay icon!


This week, I finally bit the bullet and bought a copy of Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale (recommended to me months ago by [ profile] wildtiger7), since it didn't seem interested in appearing on my library's shelves. It was confusing at times--and I think maybe some of Margaret's angst might have seemed less overwrought had I a sibling--but you know, mention literary research, even briefly, and I'm sold. Make your whole plot about it, and I'm definitely in. Add in creepy/crazy characters and lots of secrets, and it's even better.

Now I'm in the middle of Attention All Shipping: A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast. Charlie Connelly is pretty much what Bill Bryson would be were he actually English instead of an American who's spent most of his life there, so of course I love it. In the book, he visits land at the edge of each area on the forecast (excepting, of course, the ones that are completely seabound) and apparently spends much of his trip at the pub, in between befriending Norwegians and visiting overpriced tourist attractions and complaining about commercialization of the natural world. It's fantastic.

I also bought Italo Calvino's The Castle of Crossed Destinies for the same reason as the other two, namely that my library system has not even a whisper of a copy. (I had a good time at Amazon last week.) It tells a story through Tarot cards and steals shamelessly from The Canterbury Tales, or so says the back flap; I haven't started it yet. In addition to what has apparently become a quest to read everything Calvino's ever written (sadly, I have yet to find one that measures up to If on a Winter's Night a Traveler), I think the Tarot as a whole is pretty interesting, so I'm excited to start that one.


Speaking of reading, here's where I spent most of the week of Christmas. Yes, that's a link to the Talking Stick/Circle series, and yes, you should read all of it if you haven't yet, even though all eight stories/novels probably total over 2 MB of words. This is what Voyager should have been*--characters with personalities and histories and cultures; serious consequences to being alone and friendless in the Delta Quadrant, and to Janeway's penchant for interference; a crew that is obviously not all happy and united, despite what TPTB wanted us to believe. "The Rose and the Yew Tree" is mind-blowingly awesome.

I remember reading part of this as one of my first introductions to Voyager fic, back when it was still being first posted in many, many parts on alt.startrek.creative in 1996 to whenever they stopped. I never was much for in-progress stories--I want to read my fics all at once, and that is that--so I think I read the first one, saw that the second was still being posted, and promptly ignored it. (Also, I was, like, twelve at the time. I probably didn't recognize how good it was.) But I'm glad I finally read the whole thing, even if it did take me the better part of a week.

Also on the Voyager front, I saw "Lineages" the other day, That was also really, really good. Roxann Dawson brought it to that episode, especially in the scene at the end in Sickbay with Tom. RDM did as well, but this was really B'Elanna's episode, and...yeah. It was good.

Wonders never cease, apparently.


Two more grad school apps went off in the mail yesterday! One more to go, and it's all online, yay!

* Apparently my idea of how it should have been, and others' as well, is pretty much equivalent to "new BSG." Heh.


Dec. 30th, 2007 10:18 pm
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First of all: my new laptop and new iPod are AWESOME LIKE SOME AWESOMELY AWESOME THINGS. I can watch streaming video without resizing it to squinty vision! I can run the latest system software! Photoshop opens really, really quickly!

Also, the iPod has a color screen. And holds more music than I could even dream of owning. (For reference, I moved from a third gen to a sixth gen. It's pretty amazing.)

Second of all, Friday I watched...a good Voyager ep. From season seven. About CHAKOTAY.

I know, I'm shocked too. But yes, "Shattered" is actually not crap. Heh, I loved Present!Chakotay meeting up with pre-DQ!Janeway. She's all, "Uh, where the hell did you come from? TO THE BRIG WITH YOU!" and he magically talks her into running around the ship with him spraying time particles into the ship's squishyware instead of tossing him in jail, and it was awesome. I don't remember them being that interesting together since sometime in season three. (And of course, at the end of the episode, she's all, "Seven years stranded together, huh? What DO we get up to? *wink wink nudge nudge*" Yeah, yeah, "some barriers we don't cross," except for the part where you were TOTALLY DATING in S3, and god only knows what you got up to in "Resolutions" during those two months we didn't see.)

(...I miss season three. It was by far the best of the ones I watched. Well, at least in my thirteen-year-old self's opinion. Possibly, were I to be foolish enough to rewatch the whole thing now, I would change that.)

Anyway, we also got to see SESKA, YAY, and a really angry early B'Elanna, and it was actually all very well-done, although I think Chakotay explained the "the timeline has been shattered; different time periods exist all over the ship" thing about three times too many, but whatever. I'll chose to think of it as endearing repetition, like I do "I came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my father...", because if I don't, I will scream.

Totally random: I wandered into the a capella section of iTunes (finding a fabulous all-female rendition of "She Will Be Loved," by the Duke Out of the Blue, that you should all check out), and found out that the MIT representative on those numerous Best of College a Capella* compilations is called "The MIT Logarhythms."

Of course it is.

* That's abbreviated "BOCA." Spanish-speakers, snicker with me now.

Vid rec

Dec. 21st, 2007 11:19 pm
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So, someone made a Janeway/Chakotay vid to "Mix Tape" from Avenue Q, and it's actually awesome. Go, watch it. You'll get at least a few giggles, if not some ROFLing.
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So I was watching my ancient tape (OMG ELEVEN YEARS OLD) of "Resolutions" last night--"research," you see--and I realized something.

Even before she goes crazy, Janeway kind of scares me.

It's mostly the actress rather than the character. KM...well, if I were to be charitable, I would say "acts big" or "acts for the stage," but I'm really not all that charitable so I'll call it what it is, which would be "chews the scenery to splinters." It's a little freaky. (Although it seems like pretty much everyone on every Trek has this problem. Part of it is the writing. Some of those one could deliver them and not sound pompous and grandiose.) And then there's that dark, gravelly, overenunciated voice that combines with the acting to make me feel like she wants to eat my soul.

I'm not sure how I missed this as a teenager. Maybe she has better, subtler moments that I just don't remember. I'm going to assume this is true, because that makes me feel better.


very tiny cast spoiler for BSG S4 )
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Oh, lord. I have committed Voyager fic. Well, ficlet. Someone save me from myself.

Title: Schoolyard Tricks
Rating/Pairing: All Ages, J/C UST
Summary: Very early in their stay on New Earth, Chakotay finds himself unable to resist. Fluff.

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I have obviously been hanging out at this website for far, far too long.
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So I go hunting for X-Files fics, and where do I end up but on YouTube, watching Voyager clips. Don't ask. Anyway, apparently there's a rabid Paris/Torres vid clip-uploader out there, because practically every scene they were in together is on YT.

I always thought B'Elanna was the most interesting character on that show. (Not that this is, you know, hard when your competition is the likes of Harry Kim and Neelix, but still.) She got to be the token half-breed, but they actually did some pretty cool things with it. And I think her and Tom were basically the only Trek characters who ever who got to have something resembling a normal romantic relationship that didn't end in tears. (Well, there was Miles and Keiko...oh, and Riker and Troi! Even if it did take them ten years and four movies, but whatever.)

But yes, they were the only thing that made Voyager watchable after Janeway went crazy and half the cast stopped caring and I discovered that there was better science fiction on TV.* They actually did right by them, mostly; from their first meeting through what I saw of the end was funny and sweet, with just enough complication to make it interesting.

Which of course means I need to read fic. Argh, here I thought I'd left this fandom behind me years ago. But I think Trek is like the peanut butter and jelly of fandom--soft and palatable, kind of boring, a little too sweet, but nice to have once in a while nonetheless.** There aren't the storytelling possibilities (or, let's face it, skill) of a BSG or a Farscape, but the Federation is a utopia I'd kind of like to live in. (Need something? Replicate it! Need to get off a planet in a hurry? Transport out! Need to solve a problem quickly? Technobabble to the rescue! See why it's bland? But it's nice to imagine living there.) Plus, the franchise as a whole was my very first fandom. You can't fully escape your roots.

* Well, that and my soft spot for Seven and the Doctor together. (How adorable is "Someone to Watch Over Me"? Awwwwwww. I've totally had "You Are My Sunshine" stuck in my head for days now.)

** Although DS9 didn't do too badly as far as interesting plots and moral quandries, not to mention fun Bajoran religion and lots and lots of politics, yay!

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