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I went to the midday public session today, and while part of the rink is, er, broken and was blocked off (about a sixth of it at one end), it was otherwise pretty glorious. I got there just after an ice make (smooth as glaaaaass), and there weren't too many people there. I think I was one of three for a little while. The rest of the time, there was a handful of middle schoolers, several of whom thought I WUZ AWSUM SKATER because I can go backwards and do things like one-foot glides and forward alternating pumps. Sometimes kids are very good for the ego.

I tried doing the pumps on the oh-so-empty, weekday-publics-can-be-fabulous hockey circles, and they went pretty well. I worked on my forward pivots, just for the hell of it and because I think they look pretty, and the forward/counterclockwise one with my left toepick in the ice is coming along. Less so for the clockwise one around the right foot, but we can't have it all, I suppose.


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Googling confirmed what I suspected: my skating-induced knee pain is in fact a reoccurrence of the condition I had nine years ago (which was apparently induced by walking around Europe or, according to the doctor I saw, the fact that women's hips aren't directly over our knees). On the upside, at least I know exactly what exercises I need to do, and I know that they start helping almost instantly. Plus the linked PDF gives me some different ones I can do. On the downside: c'mon, body! I try to do right by you with exercise, and this is how you repay me?


While I'm here, have some a link to this free 65-song mixtape (you may have to "like" NoiseTrade on Facebook to access the link, sorry).

I'm particularly fond of the offerings by Steve Moakler ("Today"), Kate Tucker ("Hangover"), Rachel Yamagata ("Saturday Morning"), and Matt Wertz ("Get To You"). I don't know if Yamagata is actually reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or if it's just that all of my Pandora stations used to play a song by her called "1963" incessantly, but that's the association I have.

I think the Matt Wertz song might make an interesting The Americans vid, if only because it's a song produced in 2013 that's doing its absolute best to sound like it came straight from 1986, and on a meta level that amuses me. Lyrically, it doesn't fit anyone in the show, although isolated phrases may lend themselves to certain shots. I guess it could be twisted pretty easily to be about spy missions, though. I'll have to give it some thought once I finish watching this season...

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