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This weekend, I got two new pairs of shoes in as many days. This necessitated reorganizing the upper shelf of my closet, where I keep shoes I don't wear at least once a week neatly in their boxes, to fit two new pairs in. (Both pairs are Not Sandals, which are of course the only thing practical in the current weather.)

Since I was in an organizational mood after that, I decided to bring some order to my computer. I'm not quite there yet, but at least my "downloads" folder is down from 500+ items to 168, the rest having been either deleted or put into subfolders. To complete this organization, I ended up watching a lot of vids with names I didn't recognize, and skipping down memory lane in the process.

- Atlantis had such potential. Awesome-looking, completely unexplored city built by the ancient ancestors of humans, a whole new galaxy to explore, interesting characters who were totally cut off from Earth...what went wrong there? It went from super-cool to utterly meh in about two seasons. Boooo.

- You know what I miss? The Invisible Man. Remember that one? It was so goofy and funny! And then Vincent Ventresca's hair was another source of amusement all by itself.

- I think I've half talked myself into rewatching all of BSG before the TV movie in December. There are large chunks of the ongoing plotline I need to get myself back up to speed on.

- I'm also heading toward (one day) rewatching all of Farscape and all of the X-Files. ...Well, most of the X-Files. Minus almost all of S8-9. And probably minus a few Farscape episodes as well (Lobster of Truth, anyone?).

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