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Today I landed something close to a loop on one foot. Sure, I was facing forward because I hadn't really rotated, but it was on one foot!

Oh, this jump. Bane of my life.

I also started a forward camel-sit combination spin, much to my surprise. P pronounced my leg height on the camel high enough (FINALLY), and then was like, "Oooh, now you can do a combination spin! Just go into a sit spin after it," and I laughed, because how would that even work, did, sort of? The sit part's a mess, but it actually rotates in something that, while significantly poorer in position than my plain sit spin, at least makes vague reference to it.


I finished the second/most current season of The Librarians just now. Okay, so the last episode was all kinds of nonsense and they were making things up as they went along (Eve as the Lady of the garden pond Lake because why not?), but Flynn got his adorable dog sword back and I'm happy! Also, I enjoyed that they exorcised Prospero by way of literary criticism, which seems entirely apt for this kind of show.

Also, I enjoyed the Northern Exposure reference in the previous episode (Cicely, Washington). They know the way to my heart. Cassandra has also gotten much more bearable, but that special effects visualization of her doing math has got to go. And while it has almost no textual basis, I admit like Eve/Flynn. She makes him a halfway bearable character, and they're just...they're rather sweet together. Although I would totally ship Eve with Jake and/or Cassandra with no problems, and the imp of the perverse in me enjoys the idea of Cassandra/Ezekiel as well.

This is such a dumb show, but somehow lovable nonetheless.
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So, The Librarians. Warehouse 13 as managed by Olivia Dunham?

(It also has that unfortunate quality W13 has of being everything I should like and yet being inescapably not quite what I actually want. I suspect Cassandra is a large part of what I don't like. If they'd boot her off the show, it would improve by 200%.)

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