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In my unintentional quest to see every 90s TV series worth watching (um, I like closed canons? And my spiritual home is situated somewhere around 1994? Don't ask), I added the first and second seasons of Wings to my Netflix queue.*

HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! And there are few sitcoms I love. Although this sometimes trends more toward dramedy, which is my favorite format. Yay for genre-mixing. Also for quirk. Boo for the horrifying hairstyles and clothing, though, but I guess that was fashionable in 1990.

The best thing about closed canons is that one can read all about it on Wikipedia and see if the show that's so wonderful in S1 will be jerking you around by S5. I was delighted to find that the plot arc I particularly care about as of eight episodes in comes to an end I like, and thus I can get invested in it without the dread I would otherwise feel! (I know you can all figure out what arc that is if you take the most cursory of looks at the page. Really. It's in bold lettering.)

Anyway. Excitement for the day. Classes start tomorrow, which is not so exciting, but perhaps it will stop raining, which would be nice. It's been raining for a solid 36 hours now. There is a river of mud separating my back door from the dumpster, which made taking the trash out tonight interesting, to say the least.

Er. I should go to bed...

* I swear, Netflix recommended it! Possibly because I once rented Ned & Stacey from them, and Thomas Haden Church is in both. Okay, I do like some sitcoms.

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