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Because this song cried out to be made into a vid about Jaye. :D

Title: And the Birds of All Your Teacups Sing
Song/Artist: "Brave," The Innocence Mission
Length: 3:51
Fandom: Wonderfalls
Summary: Jaye surrenders to destiny. It just takes her a while. A long while.
Note: Contains brief strobing light effects.

Embed and download link under the cut )
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Title: Monkey Say, FBI Agent Do
Rating: PG
Summary: When objects with animal faces start telling Olivia to "bring him home," she goes to the one person who might have insight into what's going on: Jaye Tyler.
Word count: 5,000
Spoilers: Through Fringe 4x03, "Alone in the World."
Note: Pretend there was a weekend before the last scene of 4x03. That's when this is set. It also takes place seven years after the final episode of Wonderfalls.

I'm not crazy. I actually have a certificate from one of the best psychiatrists in the state to that effect. )
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I has pictures! Here are the Biltmore, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the UT Gardens. The autumn colors in the mountain pictures blow my pictures from last month of the Smokies out of the water, so I may just not bother with them.

Samples under the cut. clicky )


In TV news:
Corner Gas feature film likely (Squee!)
Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson are moving on to a sitcom called Hiccups. Nancy will star as a bipolar children's author (...I can totally see this); Brent will be behind the scenes only.
Something I got from [ profile] comedownstairs, among others: Bryan Fuller confirms Pushing Daisies/Wonderfalls crossover. I am all asquee.
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Thanks to [ profile] rowdycamels, I have a real live wax lion now. He's not smoosh-faced, which is probably good--otherwise he might start talking to me, and that would be bad.

Check him out )
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ETA to the previous PD post: okay, hands up if you expected one of the monkeys to start talking, maybe with "Lick the lightswitch" or "I love you!" Anyone?

(I so hope a wax lion makes its way into this show somehow, just 'cause.)
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So apparently there's going to be a new Sarah Jane series. Score!

There was a discussion on page 35 of this topic at the TWOP DW forum (warning: S3 spec. and spoilers) about whether, with so many spinoffs, the DW production team is stretching itself too thin. Some wag (*cough*) came up with this:

Law & Order: Shooty Dog Thing

Maybe you have to read the whole set-up, but I still can't see that without laughing so hard I start crying.


Why is it that half of the things I write seem to involve flowers and gardens and having to know what blooms when and where? Whyyyyyy? Why do I do this to myself? I'm not totally unversed in botany, but I certainly can't think of anything that blooms in southern England in late August/early September off the top of my head, with the exception of "lots of daisy-like flowers, like asters and all that." Oy.

Speaking of that particular piece, I finally managed to write the scene that's been giving me a headache for a week. And by "giving me a headache for a week," I mean, "I have six different versions of this scene, and THEY ALL SUCK." Version number seven finally seems to have come through for me. I would've just scrapped the whole scene, except of course two lines of narration near the end are the heart of the whole story; get rid of them and there's no point in continuing.

Of course, now that I've got that down, I'm starting to think that my narrator--and, thus, the story--is coming off as twee as all get out. She is a sheltered, aristocratic seventeen-year-old girl, so some amount of tweeness is to be expected, but I begin to wonder if I've gone overboard. Anyone who's good at excising that kind of thing, has a passing familiarity with Doctor Who (it's an Eight and Charley story, but is from the POV of and mostly concerns Charley's sister, who hasn't been discussed in canon, so background knowledge is helpful but not necessary), and will have a bit of free time in about a week want to take a crack at this? Please? *puppy eyes*


Drive-by fic rec: Go Fish, by Freelancer, a wonderfully true-to-character and very amusing Dumbledore/McGonagall short. Hee.

[By the way, HOW ADORABLE is my mood icon? This is the first time I've used that mood since I got the set, and awwwww. Eric's puppy face is love. That whole episode is awesome.]
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[ profile] yuletide recs ahoy! I don't do much reccing, usually 'cause I'm way behind on the fic reading, but I liked these so much, I just had to mention them.

* What Happens on Vega$ Stays on Vega$: Moonlighting fic, with detours into other fandoms. And I mean that literally. This goes beyond breaking the fourth wall in a rather spectacular sort of way.

* Wonderfalls got four entries this year, all of them quite nice, and often hilarious. But I think my favorite is this one: Apologetic Camel, which has some spot-on dialogue that I just love, plus Jaye attempting to deal with the weirdness of Mahandra/Aaron.

* I'm always so happy when I find Northern Exposure fic, and Merry Christmas, Dr. Fleishman, is no exception. I feel a warm fuzzy holiday glow coming on, people.

* The Mr. and Mrs. Smith story was fun, especially when I have a mind fart about who played John Smith in the movie and the first "John" my mind flashes to is John Zimmerman, 'cause I just watched some holiday on ice special this afternoon. Heh. [1]

* But oh, the best is this one: Ninety Nine Point Five. It's a Cupid fic, and my current renewed obsession with it may have had some bearing on why I liked it so, much,'s wonderful. You need to read it at least twice to get all the nuances. The ending--the whole thing, really, but especially the ending--is delicately balanced and beautiful, just like the show.

{1] Spekaing of figure skating...I also watched the Cup of Russia short programs tonight, and everyone I remember from the last time I was a serious FS fan (2002) has switched hair. Melissa Gregory is now a brunette, Tatiana Totmianina is now a blonde with really long hair, Galit Chait is a redhead, Sergei Sakhnovksy looks like one of those ubiquitous over-gelled blond boyband members (which, I grant you, is a much better look for him than the Dracula's understudy style he had going on earlier), etc. etc. Kind of amazing, really.
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The Wonderfalls essay is as good as it's gonna get, which is not very. And it's 100 words over. Arrrrrggghhhhh. There is nothing I can cut and still have it make the limited amount of sense it does. Die, maximum word counts, die.


You should all run right over to iTunes and check out a band called HEM. I was hunting down some stuff for the essay, and I ran across a music listing for WF. They used a song called "Waltz" in "Wound Up Penguin," and as I'm a sucker for waltzes of all kinds, I went and looked up the song and the band. And they're pretty; kind of like folk meets chamber music. (Apparently the National Slovak Orchestra or something like that backs them on some tracks). And awesome lyrics, kind of like Fisher's style of lyricism, only more...rural? I dunno. The singer's voice reminds me of Sarah McLachlan, although her range is lower. I bought the whole "Eveningland" album, and it's awesome. Check out especially "Pacific Street," "Carry Me Home," "Redwing," and the title track, but all are fantastic.

And I so have Sheppard/Weir vid ideas for "Pacific Street." Bad, bad, bad. Still don't have vidding equipment, though, so I'm not that tempted! (But I'm not above begging if someone who does do vids has the same idea...)

Check out their website for full live versions of "Carry Me Home" and "The Tennessee Waltz." (Does anyone else besides me find it amusing that TN has five official state songs, while everyone else only has one or two? Or have I just been working on this paper too long?)
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*runs around screaming*

3048 words, even. Okay, so there are a couple bits where I have "Blah blah blah, I'll add more here later," and there are some spots I seriously need to cut down, but that's what revising, and thus tomorrow afternoon, is for. HOORAY!


So Chandra loaned me her Calvin & Hobbes collection, which I've been reading on my breaks from this essay. (How I didn't discover C&H when I was a child, I have no idea.) Anyway, I'm writing my Wonderfalls essay and reading these comic strips, and suddenly my mental voice for Calvin is that of Spencer Breslin, the kid who played little Peter Johnson in "Lovesick Ass." Um, yeah. Ow.


And now I go to bed, 'cause I'm getting up early to go buy food and mail stuff home. Royal Mail, please don't charge me too much in postage. I'm only sending three little boxes, and one of those is a book...
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Wonderfalls icons!

They're nothing special. My brain is a little too fried for originality at the moment. But...Wonderfalls! Wheee!

Brushes from [ profile] saava, [ profile] quebelly, and Insomniac Brushes.


And the rest )

Credit if taking, please.
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Okay, so did my flat get the gimpy router or something? The entire flat's 'net connection went out between 5 and 7 PM last night. At least they fixed it this morning, but this is the second time in as many weeks it's been out for more than twelve hours. Um, £60 ResNet fee? Grrr.

So of course, since I couldn't get online to research for my papers, I did other forms of...research. Heh. Okay, I did some legitimate work by watching Farscape, since it seems my paper is going to at least have a significant section on "Revenging Angel," and it may turn out to be best if I structure the entire paper around the episode, describing how it takes Looney Tunes tropes personas and transfers them into a larger plot context that manages to say things about love and identity and power through hermaneutic references to said tropes and personas.

I swear to God, that is the kind of sentence you would read in a postmodernist essay.

So, yeah, two solid pages of notes on that episode. And then I had to go help Ellen watch three Wonderfalls episodes after I finished the Farscape. Of course... Heh. Am still contemplating writing my next Satire essay (the one due in June) on that show. There must be a way.


Feb. 28th, 2005 07:58 pm
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I knew things would start talking to me after watching so much Wonderfalls. It's even a muse, like the talking animals on the show! Unfortunately, my muse is possibly even more evil than the barrel bear and the wax lion and such...'cause she's nattering on about the comic potential that a Cupid/Wonderfalls crossover would bring. Crazy people-who-maybe-aren't-crazy-and-have-serious-relationship-issues meeting and wreaking havoc on the world!

Right, I swear I'm going to do some work now...
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There must be a way in which I can write about Wonderfalls for my Satire paper. Really, there must. Okay, so it's rarely ever satirzing anything (at least not to the point where I could get 3,000 legitimate words out of it), but since when have facts ever stopped a determined English major?

(Yeah, so this is my way of pretending I actually did something productive this weekend...)
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I am not allowed to watch any more Wonderfalls episodes tonight. I am not allowed to watch any more Wonderfalls tonight. IamnotallowedtowatchanymoreWonderfallstonightIamnotallowedtowatchanymoreWonderfallstonight...

No desire to do work tonight for various reasons. So I'll...catch up on e-mail? Finally get around to watching Mobius II? All of the above. Yes. And NO WONDERFALLS.

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