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Yes, this is the X-Files I missed. Darin Morgan should write all the episodes. Light spoilers )
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Yes, yes indeed the second episode of the tenth season of X-Files is much better than the first one, if only because spoilers )


An AO3 Stats meme stolen from [personal profile] lizbee:

1. Your 3 fanfics with the most comments:
All of these are Yuletide fics, which is unsurprising. I hit the jackpot occasionally with a source that lots of people know, but there isn't much fic for.

"Moves in the Field" (40) - The Cutting Edge, Doug brings Kate to visit Minnesota after the movie, told from Walter's POV.

"My Late Enchantments Still in Brilliant Colors Shine" (31) - Susan Ivanova vs. a technomage.

"The Case of the Missing Martini Olive" (28) - The Thin Man, Nick and Nora banter and fluff.

2. Your 3 fanfics with the most kudos:
Agent Carter fans are very kudos-happy.

"Pigtails and Inkwells" (213) - Thompson pulls Carter's pigtails.

"Necessary" (197) - Thompson helps Carter out of a jam; she goes right on mouthing off at him.

"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" (123) - "'We'? I fail to recall the point at which I was brought into this baby-making enterprise of yours."

3. Your oldest fanfic:
The oldest one I will admit to is a Farscape fractured fairy tale, "Cinder Rocket-Jockey." Featuring Crichton as Cinderella, Rygel as the fairy godmother, and Aeryn as Prince Not-Very-Charming. From all the way back in 1999!

(Speaking of fanfic I will not admit to, oh my god, I wrote my first fanfic twenty years ago this year. TWENTY YEARS.)

4. Your latest fanfic:
"What Happens in San Jose" - Cupid fic for Yuletide. Trevor tags along to Claire's high school reunion as her totally-just-friends date. Things do not go as planned.

5. Your proudest fanfic:
Right now I'm going to go with my China Beach epic, "The Future an Affirmation," or how McMurphy and Richard made a quarter century of marriage work after Vietnam. Told backwards, as a bonus.

6. Your longest fanfic:
Also "The Future an Affirmation," but since I already used that, number two on the list is "Two Musketeers and a Dead Guy," or Fraser and Thatcher take dog sleds through the Yukon to bury Frobisher in a plot from beyond the grave to get them together.

7. Your 3 fanfics with the most bookmarks:
"Moves in the Field" (28), "Necessary" (16), and "Pigtails and Inkwells" (15).

8. Your top 3 crossover fics:
I'm not sure how we're defining top, but these are my favorites. Hilariously, most of my crossovers involve due South.

"To Give Life a Shape" - Benton Fraser, meet your older lookalike Geoffrey Tennant. Geoffrey's going to make you and Thatcher do Shakespeare together until you admit you like each other.

"Monkey Say, FBI Agent Do" - Someone's using inanimate objects with animal faces to talk to Olivia Dunham, and she's going to make Jaye Tyler tell her what's going on.

"Lovers and Madmen (and also Canadians)" - Trevor Hale matchmakes Fraser and Thatcher, with predictably absurd results.

9. Your favourite characters to write in fanfic:
According to AO3, I spend most of my time writing about Susan Ivanova, Benton Fraser, Meg Thatcher, and Michael Garibaldi. No one is surprised. I quite like all of them.
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Of all the things about the X-Files I missed, delays due to sports was not one of them.

Guess I'm watching online tomorrow. Now it's going to end after my self-imposed-because-I-want-to-be-conscious-at-work-tomorrow bedtime.
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Yesterday during my lesson, I actually managed to center a spin of more than two revolutions. (It was somewhere between three and five; it's hard to count revs while you're in one.) THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. Did I mention I finally found the spin rocker on my blades? (On any blades, for that matter; I never found it on my old ones.) I can feel the drag pick scraping when I spin, which is not ideal but is a hell of a lot better than I've ever managed before, because it means I'm just a millimeter forward of the right spot rather than half an inch behind it.

I just need that to show up for the test on Friday. I didn't get a chance to try and center one out of P's sight because my lesson was at the end of the session, but I'm certainly going to try tomorrow. (Skating reminds me of my struggles with math in K-12. Everything worked perfectly in class when the teacher was there, but the minute I tried to do stuff we'd just done that school day at home, everything went to hell. I grew up practically believing math teachers were magic and I could only really do math in their presence. My skating always improves when I'm in a lesson, even when P is not actually giving me corrections at that moment.)


I watched Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend. I went into it completely blind, purely on the recommendation of a co-worker. Things I was not expecting:

1. The talking raccoon.
2. Lee Pace.
3. Sweet, innocent, adorable Lee Pace as the villain.
4. Lee Pace with his eyebrows covered up (sacrilege!).
5....except I guess on some level you could argue that the makeup department made his eyebrows take over his entire face? But they were still hidden by makeup! Why do you have a Lee Pace and immobilize his eyebrows??

I wasn't impressed with the movie. It felt like it had the structure of a children's movie, with half-hearted attempts at the trappings of an adult movie thrown in at random intervals. Pixar manages to do the "kids movie with some fun bits for the adults," but this was not like that at all. It was awkward and weird.

The tree was cool, though. I liked the tree.


How much stock should we put in the ever-more-substantiated rumors of an X-Files remake/continuation with Duchovny and Anderson? Part of me is squeeing uncontrollably, while another part is remembering that the second movie was actually not that good, so I have mixed feelings.
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I usually avoid ONTD like the plague it is, BUT I needed examples to emulate for a snippet of a gossip column I'm writing for the space pilots story. (...There is an epilogue now. It will not stop. It may wind up driving me crazy. Ahhhh.)

And I KID YOU NOT, this was the VERY FIRST ITEM I SAW: Report: Gillian Anderson Living With Lover David Duchovny.


I kind of doubt it's real, but if it is, enjoy your validation, Usenet tinhatters of 1995. I'll be over here saying "Seriously?" a lot.
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Fandom stockings have been revealed! Yay! I received some lovely graphics and recs for poetry and books which look interesting indeed.

I volunteered as a pinch-hitter (pinch-stuffer?) and thus ended up doing more than I thought I would for this fest; specifically, I wrote twelve fics and made one vid. Here's everything I wrote/vidded, with links to the AO3 because it's simpler than chasing down comment threads, especially for those that are broken into multiple comments. (Unless otherwise stated, these are 1,000ish words or fewer. All are, at most, PG.)

Babylon 5
And thou, O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall for [ profile] perverseparagon – Londo's life is full of mazes now.

If Equal Affection Cannot Be for [ profile] rivendellrose – Five poems Marcus Cole knows by heart. One-sided Ivanova/Marcus.

Soldiers for [ profile] bessemerprocess – In which Susan Ivanova and Olivia Dunham meet in a bar. Angsty and apocalyptic. Crossover with Fringe.

...In an Elevator for [ profile] debirlfan – Castle and Beckett, stuck in an elevator. UST.

Murder Most Kindergarten for [ profile] soobunny – Five-year-old Alexis writes a story. It gives her father cause to worry.

Corner Gas
Baby, Baby for [ profile] livii – Someone leaves a baby on the steps of the Dog River Police Station. Chaos ensues. Everyone appears, but it's Karen- and Davis-centric. (3,000 words; also at LJ.)

Doctor Who
Second Star to the Right for [ profile] jenavira – Eight, Charley, and a low-gravity planet.

Follow the Fleet
Side by Side for [ profile] idharao – Sherry and Bake are having a trying Christmas, but they make the most of it.

Soldiers for [ profile] bessemerprocess – In which Susan Ivanova and Olivia Dunham meet in a bar. Angsty and apocalyptic. Crossover with Babylon 5.

Northern Exposure
I Feel the Sky Tumbling Down for [ profile] oxoniensis – An alternate explanation for Maggie's vertigo in "I Feel the Earth Move." Joel/Maggie, Ruth-Anne.

The Reality of Experience for [ profile] juniperphoenix – Roslyn and Cicely share a life lived through books.

Slings & Arrows
All in a Day's Work for [ profile] wiliqueen – An all-too-typical day for Anna Conroy.

Sea-Changed (vid) for [ profile] loneraven – A vid about Geoffrey, the theater, and even Oliver. Set to "Full Fathom Five," by Hem, feat. Audra McDonald and Anne Hathaway. 1:30 long, 19 MB Quicktime file.

The Heart of Saturday Night for [ profile] ruuger – "John Doggett requires a cautious, quiet approach, like sneaking up on a bird or squirrel to take its picture." Doggett/Reyes UST.


Nov. 16th, 2010 04:26 pm
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Last night's Castle: X-Files spoof for the COMPLETE AND UTTER WIN. This might even top "Vampire Weekend" in awesomeosity.

Oh, Castle. Last week I lambaste you for losing your spark and your humor, and here you go and prove me wrong. I like it. Please continue.


As it is right now 45F, windy, and threatening rain, I'd say fall is just about over. Alas. :( I can never decide whether winter or summer is worse; each seem equally miserable when we're in the throes of them. At the moment, the prospect of not feeling my nose or fingertips again, even inside, until March thrills the least. Brrr.

Winter tends to make me want to watch Northern Exposure, for reasons which are perhaps obvious. Maybe if I have a little mini-marathon tonight, it will inspire me to finish the fic where Maggie spends a week as Fleischman's roommate after her house burns down. I haven't really figured out a plot for it beyond "they annoy each other a lot and there is awkward UST," but that was kind of the plot of several of their storylines, so I guess it's not that big a problem.

Winter also makes me want to read X-Files fic, especially non-case-related stuff set in the early years, before quite so many awful things happened to them. Currently I am re-reading Paula Graves's various "Twelve Degrees/Steps" series, which are as good and comfort-reading-like as I remember them being in 1996.


May. 1st, 2010 02:38 am
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One of the very greatest things about X-Files fanfic is how much of it there is. I never have to read bad fic just because that's all there is! Now I remember why I loved being in this fandom so much.

However, even in otherwise well-written fics, there are the occasional, shall we say, unusual turns of phrase. Like the following: "[Scully] turned to him, her eyes the color of cyanide."


...At least it's not "cerulean" yet again?
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You know, using X-Files episodes as the proverbial carrot to enjoy once I finish working on the paper for the night is not the best idea, because it leads to me watching creepifying TV at 1 o'clock in the morning. GAH.

(On the upside: I'm done with a draft of the Virginia Woolf section of the paper! It is now...26 pages. And I still have the Astaire/Rogers section to go, plus when I start revising I'll probably need to add a few paragraphs to the Woolf section which put the dance chapter in the context of the rest of the novel. This paper will never end...)

Anyway, I just watched "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas," and...I did not realize that Chris Carter actually understood how MESSED UP Mulder and Scully and their relationship are. Because my god, yes, the ghosts were spot on in their critiques: codependency, narcissism, need to prove the other wrong...yep, it's all there.*

And yet, the moment Scully said, "Maybe I did want to be out there with you," it all flew out of my mind and I collapsed in a puddle of AWWWWWWWW. Oh, god, they are so screwed up, and yet so perfect together in spite of the codependency and everything else. I just...I... *squishes them*

* My secret joy is fanfic where we get into Scully's head and get to hear the constant barrage of "Mulder, you BASTARD!"s you know she must be thinking every time he ditches her or condescends or otherwise does something jerkish. I've started filling in for her when I watch the episodes. It gets said a lot.
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(I've seen "Detour," like, four times now, and yet I always remember it as "Tower of office furniture! Raining sleeping bags! Hee!" rather than FREAKY RED-EYED MOTHMEN UNDER THE BED. Those last two minutes are fakeout-topped-with-creepy par excellence.)
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You know, I rarely bother to find out anything about actors in shows or movies I like. When you get right down to it, it's kind of like finding out the favorite food (or whatever) of John Smith, systems engineer from Tulsa. They're just people.* However, I'm surprised I managed to get this far without knowing David Duchovny left the English PhD program at Yale ABD.** That's a pretty awesome example of life after academia. :D

Now I have this urge to write XF fic featuring practically nothing but literary references. (Not that this is all that different from many of my fics.) I'm going to guess someone else has already done this and titled the resulting fic "Magic and Technology in Contemporary American Fiction and Poetry" (his rather prophetic diss. title).

Speaking of English degrees, I should get back to my paper. I failed utterly in getting four pages yesterday--I managed one--but today I should really at least come close to finishing the Virginia Woolf section...

* I suppose writers are just people as well, but sometimes biographical info does aid in criticism of their work, so I'm more open to learning about their pasts.

**And now--well, in 1999--makes offhand references to Harold Bloom.
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Like I said last weekend, I so didn't need to discover that Netflix is currently streaming every single episode of The X-Files. I haven't exactly been watching them nonstop, but I've probably watched a few more than is really good for my productivity.

Mostly I've been watching the humorous ones, like "Humbug," "Rain King," "Jose Chung," etc. (For some reason I really disliked "Jose Chung" when it first aired. Perhaps at 12, I was not sophisticated enough to appreciate POV-reliant stories?) I always forget how quirky--and hilarious--Moose & Squirrel are. Especially Scully! Scully is funny as hell. I think I especially love her "You rebel!" when Mulder rips the page out of the FBI bound periodical in "The Unnatural."

Plus, watching episodes from various seasons all at once makes it really bleeding obvious how close M&S grew throughout the series. I thought Scully in "War of the Coprophages"* was adorable, with her little "No trouble, Mulder *adorable smile*," over the phone when he called her with the nine millionth update on the case. You could practically hear the "Especially not for you. Call me any time! Hint, hint!" she was obviously thinking right there. Awww, so flirty and cute. And then by the sixth season they totally have this settled, old-married-couple vibe going on (and not just in "Arcadia"). Despite the fact that CC couldn't plot his way out of a paper bag (I will NEVER get over the "beams of starlight" thing), he had a deft hand with character development. So did GA and DD.

I went on a screencap search recently (and found the cap for my icon--hee!). I found other things, too, some of them more horrifying than fluke monsters or detachable conjoined twins. I know there were unforgivable hair and fashion disasters for both of them, especially Scully, because early 90s businesswear was a cruel mistress,** but I didn't think it was possible to make Mulder look quite this bad. The hair would be awful enough on its own. Add in that ugly tie and the pastel stripes on the shirt, and

* "Her name is Bambi?"

** Although I totally dig the flannel many of the guest stars seemed to wear when they still filmed up in Vancouver. My personal fashion concept as a teenager could pretty much be summed up in "flannel shirts and high-waisted baggy jeans," so it has sentimental value.
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Ohhhhh, I needed to wait another month before I discovered that Netflix has every single episode of X-Files available for streaming. Crap, crap, crap.
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Oh, MY. I don't know why JMS decided to do a parody of The X-Files on his show. It doesn't really seem like something they would have time for, trying to save ten billion people from a plague and all. And yet...I'm kind of glad he did, because that was pretty hilarious. RIDICULOUS, but hilarious.

(The premise of this episode was that there is an alien Mulder and Scully hunting down aliens and conspiracies, and humans are the aliens with an agenda. No, really. Alien Mulder and Scully. Who, given the way she kept clinging to his arm, are obviously going the same route ours did. They have an office, and they use cell phones. Their office window has a "Y" in masking tape on it. There is even a cigarette-smoking man. Plus the non-visual stuff: Durkani ["Duchovny"?] rambling on about how the truth is out there and he trusts no one, Lyssa being a non-believing scientist whom he eventually convinces, etc. etc. Oh, and they went for the green time/location title, but they got the font wrong, so it looked a little weird. Good effort, though!)

And damned if I didn't like the explanation/ending to this episode more than I did the actual series.

I think whatever's in Gideon's apocalypse box is at least part Vorlon. I guess that would've been addressed if the series had continued. Too bad.
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- Even after eleven years and resolution of the storyline, "Memento Mori" is no less heartbreaking. :(

- "Bad Blood" is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I don't think I've ever seen it before, actually, which is a travesty that has now been remedied. ("Large intestine, 829 grams...yadda-yadda...") And Brent Butt was the coroner! Hee!

- "Milagro" is a lot creepier than I remember it being. Like, a whole whole lot. (Of course, pretty much the only thing I remember clearly from it the first time around is "Agent Scully is already in love." What can I say, I had a one-track fannish mind as a fifteen-year-old.)

- And "Beyond the Sea" was pretty damn creepy, too. Of course, Brad Dourif kind of embodies creepy, so perhaps that was to be expected. Still. *shiver* Although possibly the creepier bit was Mulder continually calling Scully "Dana." Although I did enjoy her little "WTF?" reaction each time he did it. (And awww, it's Hammond!)

- "The Host": Fluky! I knew I remembered that episode from something. Heh. Although I think the real monster in that episode was whoever gave Scully a haircut that included bangs. Wow, mistake.

Hmm. The only things I'm getting from those eight episodes as a unit are: psychics and psychic crimes, creepy men who like Scully, and Scully-is-an-emotional-punching-bag. I have a sudden fear that everything in the movie will turn out really, really badly for her. Please let me be wrong about that. (I am in fact going to brave the crowds and go to an early afternoon showing tomorrow, in hopes that most other viewers will be at work and not the theatre. Wheee!)


In other news, has anyone else heard iTunes's single of the week for this week? Anyone else think this girl is the spiritual lovechild of Björk and Tim Burton? I like it, but wow, if you told me it was a Björk song, I would totally believe you.
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Apparently Skiffy got ahold of the list of X-files episodes essential the the new movie. They're showing them in a marathon starting at 8 AM Eastern on 7/24 (next Thursday). Woo-hoo! I will be glued to the couch that day.
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Now that the new X-Files movie is only a month from coming out, I'm starting to get veeeery excited about it. I spent about an hour tonight checking out the responses to a recent MSR vid challenge. From what I've seen so far:

Here's a cute, funny little vid.

And this is rather cool; it's clips in air-date order over the entire nine years, using an acousticy-sounding version of "Walking After You." (Remember in middle and high school, when we all made up little personal Mulder/Scully fanmixes which included that song, half of Sarah McLachlan's oevure, and bits and pieces from The Cure*? ...just me, then?) I realized in watching it that, wow, Scully's hair was almost as terrible as her wardrobe in the early seasons, and as she used progressively less hairspray, she looked progressively better. Also, bangs are a Really Bad Idea on her.

I hear also that in preparation for the movie, they're releasing an eight-episode DVD set with episodes Chris Carter considers essential for understanding the film. They are cut for those who don't want even the titles )

* Bonus points if, even now, hearing something by Savage Garden immediately makes you think of Paris/Torres on the strength of "To the Moon and Back." Ohhhh, I am so dating myself right now.

XF2 shots

Mar. 5th, 2008 04:34 pm
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Spoiler pictures from the new XF movie can be found here.

Brief reaction underneath )
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"Humbug" was on Skiffy this afternoon, and I happened to catch the second half of it. I always forget how funny XF was--before it started sucking, anyway--in addition to how creepy. And the camera work was really quite good, at least in this episode; I loved the sequences in the funhouse and Scully's interview with the deformed curator. Also, Michael J. Anderson was in it! I love him! (And heh, he played a manager here too.)

One day, I need to sit down and rewatch the whole series.

(Oh, and read fic. Hmmm. Anyone got recs, or a favorite recs list/site?)

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