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Dear Halls: Inspirational messages don't belong on cough drop wrappers. "Go for it"? The only things I'm capable of going for when I'm in need of your product are Netflix and hot tea. Maybe, if I'm feeling ambitious, soup.

FYI, a cold was really not what I needed to top off my weekend, but I got one anyway. Feh.

I've been spending time watching Royal Pains, which is exactly the kind of escapist stuff I need right now. I'm disappointed that the fandom, such as it is, didn't latch on to Divya/Evan, because COME ON, snarky and bantery and opposites-attacty? Match made in heaven. If not on the screen, alas.

I also went to my lesson yesterday anyway, because I'm stubborn like that. (Or, as the cough drops would put it, "Tough is your middle name.") We started on flip! And by "started" I mean I'm at the boards, picking my right toe in and jumping up, then landing, with no rotation whatsoever and while holding on for dear life, but it's something. It's basically a loop with a toe-in rather than off the edge, so while we all know my struggles with loop, I'm hoping the toe might make it easier. I prefer toe loop to salchow, which is a somewhat similar situation.

P taught me BF's back scratch spin entry, which is rather different from hers, and...I suck equally at it. If I ever get any kind of back spin--scratch, sit, camel, whatever--I am going to throw a PARTY.

In other news, apparently a reboot of Xena has been approved for a pilot! AND it's going to have Xena and Gabrielle openly in a relationship, rather than subtextually in one, and for campy bonus points it's going to be run by the same guy behind The Middleman! This could be awesome, guys.
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Before I get to the Burn Notice commentary, I watched the Xena episode "Return of the Valkyrie," which is part three of a trilogy I haven't seen the other parts of. (I...saw a photo of a particular moment and wanted to see the whole thing, okay? I REGRET NOTHING.) I...when exactly did Xena and Gabrielle wind up in Denmark with Beowulf and Hrothgar and Wiglaf? What? Wow, the show really did get weird after I stopped watching in S4 or whenever it was. Although the episode itself, for all that it's odd, isn't bad in its campy way. It's kind of nifty to see Xena in anything other than her skimpy battle armor (though apparently kissing Sleeping Beauty Gabrielle awake magically makes the white Viking dress disappear, to be replaced by said armor? Okay, why not?). Also in the costuming department, I'm quite fond of the Valkyries' helmets. I definitely liked Gabrielle as basically the mental!Peter to Xena's brainwashed!Olivia. And, you know, Xena and Gabby as ~soulmates~ who will ~love each other until the end of time~ is never a bad thing on a campy series like this.

(Oh, man. This show just camps out at the center of the id vortex, doesn't it?)

Also, the disclaimer is hilarious: "Any similarity between our story and the classic children's fairy tale is purely coincidental." Heh. Riiiiiight.


Anyway, Burn Notice. Spoilers through 2x12.

'Revenge is a waste of time.' / 'So is watching television and eating candy, but you do it because it feels good.' )
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I think I have some Xena fans on my flist/circle, so I turn to you all: Netflix has every season available on streaming. I sporadically watched and enjoyed the show back when it was in first-run, but don't remember which episodes were worthwhile. And I don't love it enough to wade through six seasons. ;) Which are the best episodes, in your opinion? I'm partial to comedy, Xena/Gabrielle subtext (or maintext!), and I remember really not being able to stand Joxer, if that makes a difference.


Picture from some S2 ep of Rizzoli and Isles. Apparently they're going undercover in the eighteenth century. Do I even want to know? Probably not.


Jun. 26th, 2009 12:28 am
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I watched the first couple episodes of Xena today, and ohhh, my. I had forgotten how much of a cheese casserole this show is. With cheese sauce, and cheese topping, and I dunno, cheese noodles or something. With CheezWhiz decoratively festooning the top. But they obviously delight in the cheese, so it's all win. (Um, except for Xena's "ay-yi-yi" yell, which is at exactly the right pitch to set my teeth on edge. I don't remember it doing that before, so I'm going to assume she uses it less in later seasons.)

Back to speeding through my Schools of Lit Crit primer. I realize I'm hopelessly old fashioned, but I think structuralism is pretty awesome, as far as theory goes. (For reference, last I heard, there is currently debate about what to replace post-structuralism with, so, you know. I'm behind the times. Oh, well.)

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