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Awesome open source app that allows QuickTime to read basically any video format: Perian for Mac OS X. It essentially turns QT into VLC, then allows you to save whatever you need in QT format. Very useful for situations when, say, you have a bunch of AVIs and your video editing program only reads QT files. Not that I would know anything about this. *cough*


I watched You've Got Mail a couple days ago--what can I say, sometimes nostalgia strikes hard, and I do own the DVD--and you know, it's really amazing how much has changed in the twelve years since it came out. The main plot is about a big chain bookstore pushing a little indie shop out of business, and now the big chains are closing stores right and left while they struggle to keep their heads above water thanks to Amazon et al. Not to mention the technological advances; modems are certainly a throwback, as are AOL chatrooms. (What do people even use to chat with now? Is it still IM, or has Skype and the video equivalent thereof taken over? Or do people who used to chat just write on each others' Facebook pages instead? Cell phones? Hi, I'm a dinosaur.)

Speaking of the nineties, I was shopping for a pair of khaki pants last week, and for a brief moment, among the short, floral-pattern skirts and plaid shirts, I wondered if I'd time-traveled back to 1995. Apparently we're having a nineties revival. A little disturbing is that--seeing as we're still in the throes of eighties leggings and off-the-shoulder shirts--this will be the second revival I will have lived through where I have first-hand experience with the original. Thankfully, though, I have seen no sign of mom jeans returning. (I don't even care what they look like, I just remember them being very uncomfortable.)


I watched last week's Fringe, but found myself with nothing much to say on it. It was good! In a non-specific sort of way. Okay, I do have one thing: Spoiler )
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Some time ago, [ profile] thuviaptarth recommended a documentary about film editing (The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing) in a post about background knowledge for vidding. I finally got around to watching it this week and found it tremendously helpful for putting words to what I'm intuitively thinking when I vid, as well as for pointing out certain other aspects I hadn't considered, particularly about editing for emotional effect. One day I'll write up some further thoughts on it (this day will likely be after graduation), but for now I just wanted to recommend it to anyone who's interested in vid-making or vid-watching.

Watching that documentary also inspired me to spend a couple hours revising one of my Fred and Ginger vids (A Love that Won't Sit Still). I fixed some pervasive (though subtle) timing issues in the first two thirds that had been bugging me for the past six weeks or so, and I swapped out two clips for better ones. I'm not sure how noticeable the changes are to people not living in my head--I'm going to guess "not at all"--so I wouldn't suggest running over to watch it again, but the new version is streaming and downloadable at the link above if you're so inclined.

In RL news, there's a 90% chance that my 20-30-minute presentation on 2/18 is going to be moved to 2/23, to which I can only say, "HOORAY."
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This BPM-measurement widget for the Mac is WAY COOL. You tap the beat on your keyboard as the song plays, and it measures the beats per minute, then allows you to write it to the iTunes listing for the song. SO COOL. Grated, I have little practical use for it--although it might've helped narrow down the range of percentages to which I needed to speed or slow down footage in my recent vids--but I still think it's nifty.

(I've done enough rumba that I sometimes forget to tap on the "1" for songs in 4/4. Heh.)
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By way of [ profile] wintercreek, Zotero came to my indexing rescue! If it's possible to be in love with a piece of software, I think this is it for me. I can enter separate poems and books and articles and TAG THEM! I've got about thirty Boland poems in there right now, and fifteen or so tags. I can get it to show me each poem about "trapped women" or "mapping through history" or "exile in her own country"! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! AND, when I start looking through JSTOR and the MLA database and other online goodies for articles, I can drag them into the extension, and it will automatically fill out all the bibliographic data and keep a link to a searchable version of the article right there!

How did I manage five years of higher education without this tool? How?

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