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Song/Artist: "Are You Out There," Dar Williams
Fandom: China Beach, McMurphy-centric gen with appearances by basically everyone
Length: 3:03
Summary: "And though the static pulsed around me / you were out there, and you found me." Or, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Streaming embed and download links under the cut )
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Sometimes you just have to dance. Or sometimes, if you're me, you get tired of dancing around in your head/in your room to this song and have to vid some dancing to it.

Song/Artist: "No Cheap Thrill," Suzanne Vega
Fandom: Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movies
Length: 3:07

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Song/Artist: "Don't You Give Up On Me," Milo Greene
Fandom: The Cutting Edge
Length: 3:28
Summary: Kate and Doug take the two steps forward, one step back approach to the Olympics—and each other. Somehow, it still works for them.

Streaming embed and download link under here )

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Happy Valentine's Day! This is a vid about love, albeit not necessarily the kind usually associated with February 14th...

Title: Made White As Snow
Song/Artist: "Five Hebrew Love Songs: Éyze Shéleg! (What Snow!)", composed by Eric Whitacre
Fandom/Characters: Fringe, Walter&Peter-centric
Spoilers: Through 4.20
Length: 2:08
Summary: Every Walter Bishop bears a powerful and terrifying love for every version of his son. Now he must let Peter go.
Notes: Title comes from Isaiah 1:18: "And then come, and accuse me, saith the Lord; if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow." Thanks to [ profile] tarzanic for the excellent beta!

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Title: Ordinary Day
Song/Artist: "Ordinary Day," Great Big Sea
Fandom: Fringe
Spoilers: Through the end of season three.
Characters/Pairings: Gen, everybody
Length: 3:13
Summary: Monsters? Mad scientists? Alternate universes? Extremely high doses of mind-altering drugs? It's just another ordinary day in Fringe Division...
Content Note: This makes use of the fact that Fringe has a pretty high grossness quotient.

With thanks to my lovely betas, [ profile] tarzanic and [ profile] legoline!

Streaming and downloadable versions under the cut )
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Title: [Tilting at] Windmills
Song/Artist: "Windmills," Toad the Wet Sprocket
Characters/Pairings: John-centric, some John/Aeryn
Length: 3:18
Summary: I spend too much time / raiding windmills.

With thanks to my lovely beta, [ profile] amnisias!

Streaming and downloadable versions under the cut )
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Title: Two Sleepy People
Artist: Originally written by Hoagy Carmichael, performed by Seth MacFarlane and Norah Jones
Fandom: The Thin Man series of movies (aka the Nick and Nora movies), with a bit of additional footage from a few other William Powell/Myrna Loy flicks, namely Double Wedding, I Love You Again, Libeled Lady, and Love Crazy.
Length: 4:28
Summary: Here we are, out of cigarettes
Holding hands and yawning, look how late it gets
Two sleepy people, by dawn's early light
And too much in love to say goodnight.

(Or, as my most excellent beta [personal profile] spatz, to whom I owe many thanks, said, "THEIR SWEET SAPPY FACES OMG.")

Streaming and downloadable versions under the cut )
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Or, as I was originally going to call it, "Crouching Dunham, Hidden Badass." Because Olivia might look like a plain and unassuming government worker in her relentless neutrals, but if you're a bad guy, she will kick your ass.

Title: The Places You'll Go
Song/Artist: "North American Field Song," The Innocence Mission
Length: 3:24
Spoilers: Through the end of season three.
Summary: Working for Fringe Division thrusts Olivia into situations she never would've imagined. But she's not going to let any mad scientists, fedora-wearing time travelers, shapeshifters, or doppelgangers get her down.

Streaming and downloadable versions under the cut )
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Title: Identical Snowflakes
Artist: Hem
Length: 2:46
Summary: We were cut from the same paper / that was folded long ago / so let all the other snowflakes turn to snow.

Streaming embed and download link under the cut.

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Because this song cried out to be made into a vid about Jaye. :D

Title: And the Birds of All Your Teacups Sing
Song/Artist: "Brave," The Innocence Mission
Length: 3:51
Fandom: Wonderfalls
Summary: Jaye surrenders to destiny. It just takes her a while. A long while.
Note: Contains brief strobing light effects.

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Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that there exists a show where the epic romance is key to the very sci-fi story arc? Because I love that. And I love Olivia, and Peter, and Olivia/Peter. Thus, this vid.

Title: In a Barrel at Sea
Artist: Hem
Pairing: Olivia, Olivia/Peter
Length: 1:48
Summary: "Let the storms keep rising wherever I go / As long as you're here with me."

If you watch, I'd love to know what you think!

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aka "My FEEEEEEEEELINGS about this series, let me show you them!" :D

Title: These Are Days
Artist: 10,000 Maniacs
Length: 3:37
Characters: Everyone. And I do mean everyone.
Summary: Cicely, Alaska: wild, weird, and full of magic.

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As promised, the cuteness-drenched vid! Yes, it is pretty much exactly as sugary as the song title indicates, so brace yourselves. ;)

Song: "Be My Honeypie"
Artist: The Weepies
Fandom/Pairing: Caroline in the City, Caroline/Richard
Length: 2:10
Summary: Purest, goofiest spun-sugar fluff.

Streaming and download link under the cut )
icepixie: "All the Queen's Horses." Lyrics misquoted from The Innocence Mission. ([DS] Fraser/Thatcher train joy)
Title: Build Your Own Cathedrals
Song/Artist: "We're All Leaving," by Karine Polwart, from the Darwin Song Project
Character: Fraser-centric, gen
Summary: "Nothing's permanent, son."
Note: Many thanks to [personal profile] wintercreek for constructive suggestions and for helping me clarify my own thinking about what I was trying to say in this vid.

Embedded video and link to file under the cut )
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Title: Sea-Changed
Song/Artist: "Full Fathom Five," by Hem, feat. Audra McDonald and Anne Hathaway
Length: 1:30
Summary: The theater is where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
Notes: For [personal profile] raven's [ profile] fandom_stocking. With thanks to [ profile] gamesiplay.

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Download from Mediafire (19 MB Quicktime file
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Fandom stockings have been revealed! Yay! I received some lovely graphics and recs for poetry and books which look interesting indeed.

I volunteered as a pinch-hitter (pinch-stuffer?) and thus ended up doing more than I thought I would for this fest; specifically, I wrote twelve fics and made one vid. Here's everything I wrote/vidded, with links to the AO3 because it's simpler than chasing down comment threads, especially for those that are broken into multiple comments. (Unless otherwise stated, these are 1,000ish words or fewer. All are, at most, PG.)

Babylon 5
And thou, O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall for [ profile] perverseparagon – Londo's life is full of mazes now.

If Equal Affection Cannot Be for [ profile] rivendellrose – Five poems Marcus Cole knows by heart. One-sided Ivanova/Marcus.

Soldiers for [ profile] bessemerprocess – In which Susan Ivanova and Olivia Dunham meet in a bar. Angsty and apocalyptic. Crossover with Fringe.

...In an Elevator for [ profile] debirlfan – Castle and Beckett, stuck in an elevator. UST.

Murder Most Kindergarten for [ profile] soobunny – Five-year-old Alexis writes a story. It gives her father cause to worry.

Corner Gas
Baby, Baby for [ profile] livii – Someone leaves a baby on the steps of the Dog River Police Station. Chaos ensues. Everyone appears, but it's Karen- and Davis-centric. (3,000 words; also at LJ.)

Doctor Who
Second Star to the Right for [ profile] jenavira – Eight, Charley, and a low-gravity planet.

Follow the Fleet
Side by Side for [ profile] idharao – Sherry and Bake are having a trying Christmas, but they make the most of it.

Soldiers for [ profile] bessemerprocess – In which Susan Ivanova and Olivia Dunham meet in a bar. Angsty and apocalyptic. Crossover with Babylon 5.

Northern Exposure
I Feel the Sky Tumbling Down for [ profile] oxoniensis – An alternate explanation for Maggie's vertigo in "I Feel the Earth Move." Joel/Maggie, Ruth-Anne.

The Reality of Experience for [ profile] juniperphoenix – Roslyn and Cicely share a life lived through books.

Slings & Arrows
All in a Day's Work for [ profile] wiliqueen – An all-too-typical day for Anna Conroy.

Sea-Changed (vid) for [ profile] loneraven – A vid about Geoffrey, the theater, and even Oliver. Set to "Full Fathom Five," by Hem, feat. Audra McDonald and Anne Hathaway. 1:30 long, 19 MB Quicktime file.

The Heart of Saturday Night for [ profile] ruuger – "John Doggett requires a cautious, quiet approach, like sneaking up on a bird or squirrel to take its picture." Doggett/Reyes UST.
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The big ensemble vid I've been working on forever is finally done!

Title: Apocalypse Lullaby
Artist: The Wailin' Jennys
Characters: Sheridan, Ivanova, Delenn, Garibaldi, Franklin, G'Kar, Lennier, Lyta, Marcus, Kosh (kinda), and, well, the station itself.
Summary: "In the end, it would hold--because what is built endures. And what is loved endures. And Babylon 5...Babylon 5 endures."
Length: 4:05
Thanks to [ profile] tarzanic and [ profile] kungfuwaynewho for betaing!

Streaming version and a download link under the cut )
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One day I'm going to finish fiddling with my big B5 ensemble vid. For now, a shorter, sadder one that walked up to me and demanded to be made.

Title: West of the Moon and East of the Sun
Song/Artist: "A Good Day (Morning Song)," Priscilla Ahn
Summary: John Sheridan was an optimist to the very end. Based largely around "Sleeping in Light."
Length: 2:37
Note: Given how many similarities B5 bears to LOTR, I felt it only right that I get the title from Return of the King. The full quotation is, "A day will come at last when I / Shall take the hidden paths that run / West of the Moon, East of the Sun."

Streaming embed and download link under the cut )
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Title: A House Divided
Vidder: [personal profile] icepixie
Song/Artist: "Scream," Antje Duvekot
Fandom: Babylon 5, Talia-centric, Talia/Susan...kinda
Length: 2:22
Summary: The alternate personality has a few things to say.
Thanks to my [ profile] mylittleredgirl for encouragement and helpful comments!

Embedded version and download link under the cut )
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Title: In Our Own Time, With Our Own Hands
Song/Artist: "Red Rover," Rosie Thomas
Vidder: [personal profile] icepixie
Fandom: Northern Exposure
Length: 3:16
Summary: "Grow wild according to thy nature," writes Thoreau in Walden. Maggie and Joel make their own ways in Alaska.
Thanks to [personal profile] wintercreek, who gave this the best, most tireless beta any vid could ask for.

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