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Dear God. Apparently Google wants to be the next Facebook. Their campaign appears to be based on, "We have all the features of Facebook, but unlike those fools, we have PRIVACY. Sooo much privacy! You know who's got privacy? We do! Look at all this privacy up in here!" Plus features that I didn't pay much attention to because I don't have a smart phone.*

I truly believe that one day, we will wake up to find that Google has taken over the governments of every nation on Earth, and has a unified world government in beta.

* One day in not too many years, a cell phone that's more computer than voice-transmission device is going to be required to join modern society, much in the way landlines were in the middle of the twentieth century and computers with internet access are becoming now, aren't they? Ugh. I don't deny they're handy, but I reject the notion of being accessible at all times on principle. I might be doing nothing more than staring at a wall in my free time, but it's still mine, and not to be infringed upon. As well, I've really grown to dislike the experience of trying to talk someone when they're interrupted by texts every twenty seconds. It's so rude! I just want to slap the phone out of people's hands when they do that.

...I have officially turned into an old lady.
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So apparently Disney is making a Miss Marple movie.

Starring Jennifer Garner.

My inner spinster is most displeased. Way to miss the entire point of her character, Disney.


Speaking of spinsters, someday, I'm going to build this house in the middle of the woods, paint it crazy colors, and let any surrounding children believe I'm an evil witch so they'll stay off my property. (Possibly I'll also wave an empty BB gun in a threatening sort of manner.) I like the idea of the even smaller houses on that site, but climbing a ladder to get to bed is simply not going to happen for me, so I'd have to get one with an actual bedroom.

(Actually, I'd really like to design my own based on that model. I'd ditch the loft and make the kitchen a tiny bit bigger, then perhaps adjust things so that the bedroom is toward the back rather than the front.)


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