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Skate Nashville was fun. I actually had competition in the freeskate. There were enough adults that it wasn't just me in my division!

This means I came in last out of the four of us, but I was expecting that as I knew at least two of the three had more difficult jumps than I do. Oh, well. (One of the five judges had me third, which was heartening.) I was uncontested in the compulsory moves event, which was fun to prepare for because the compulsory moves this year were all things I enjoy and am good at, but was over so quickly that I don't know if I'll do it again in August.

I bought the professional action shots a photo company was making of everyone, so here are some selected photos.

The opening of my October Sky freeskate Winding up for a camel spin Starting the footwork sequence I have discovered anti-gravity!  Nope, just a spread eagle. Landing the final jump of my three-jump combo
Sit spin (perching on a barstool spin?) Coming out of the sit spin Compulsory Moves - Spiral Entering a sit spin I saw the photographer at the end. :)

I don't think I'll be trying to do an out of town work conference and a skating competition in the same week again, though. That was very stressful and tiring. (And, unfortunately, this conference next year is going to be Thursday-Saturday instead of Wednesday-Friday, so I really couldn't do both. I'm hoping we'll get a budget from NIH someday soon--thanks, Trump!--and will get to hire someone, and that person can go next year, but I should probably be thinking about a poster I can present, since they have a section for training and educational support posters, and that would get me closer to the quasi-faculty position my boss and I want me to move into someday.)

In fact, it was so stressful that I'm pretty sure it's set off another arthritis flare. I have a previously-scheduled rheumatologist appointment tomorrow, though, so at least relief is in the near future.
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Okay, ten minutes of personal instruction on back spins from Scott Hamilton just because he happened to wander by and see me struggling was worth getting out of bed and to the rink today.

I can't promise it will actually help, but it was a very different way of entering it, so maybe this is the variation that will stick and make it so that I can do this spin. He uses a much deeper, tighter edge than I've been using, and adds basically an extra half-turn before going into the spin. The class was also nice--kind of an adult power class, mostly focused on crossovers and stroking with uber-correct form.

I almost didn't go, because my back is hurting (as usual) and because I went in to the office and worked on data tables for the grant for seven hours yesterday, in addition to the preceding two weeks of 9-10 hour days and four extra hours last weekend, and I am tired. These data tables are going to run over 500 pages, which just seems insane to me. I've had a temp working on nothing but the largest of them for almost six weeks, and that one still isn't quite done. Ugh. At least it'll be over on May 20. And, you know, hopefully we get the renewal, since this is the grant that pays for my position... (Someone today said, "Ah, I see, you're writing your paycheck." Indeed.)
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My rink opens back up this weekend! I am counting the days. All two days, thirteen hours, and sixteen minutes, in fact. Ahem.

(Seriously, though, three months of only skating on Saturdays, plus a month of enforced post-op laziness, has done a number on the fit of my pants. Yuck. I need to take care of this before dress-and-skirt season is over in October.)

My first of two giant work events of the year is over, yaaaaay! It went well, too. There were a couple of very minor snags, but all behind the scenes and nothing that affected people's enjoyment of the mentoring activity and the dinner and keynote talk afterward. It was somewhat smaller than usual this year, which ended up being a good thing, because that event really needs three staff members to run smoothly and we only had two this time. But my minion the new hire for my old job starts Monday, so soon we will have help. HURRAH!

In between reading about the debacle that was DashCon, this weekend I broke 110k on the not!drawerfic. I hit a pivotal event, yay! I also blazed through nine months in three paragraphs to get to that point, which I think was good for everyone. Better writers than I probably could've written things about those nine months that would make the Pivotal Event mean more, but I need to be done with this fic, it has dragged on for fourteen months, send help.

I read Among Others this week. I am undecided, but think I fall more towards dislike. It's about and told from the POV of a teenager, which is an automatic point deduction for me. I like that it puts sci-fi and fantasy novels on the same level as the literary canon, but I also felt that at times it used shared references to stand in for original thought. (Maybe it would've been better had I much grounding in 70s-era SF.) I was also dead certain that Spoilers ) and the ending nonplussed me a little.
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Having the busiest period of the year at work come in the last six weeks of winter really seems to accentuate the seasonal change. By February, everyone's sick of winter (especially this cold, bitter one), all the overtime/work stress is beating us all down down, and everything is generally miserable--and then suddenly I'm walking across campus and there's a hawthorn tree flowering, these white flowers all over what I swear were entirely bare branches the last time I saw it a few days ago, and it's like some fairy creature stepped through the veil and settled here for a while, it's so surprising and otherworldly. Spring! In this land of endless winter and misery!

I didn't stop in my tracks, but there was definitely a hitch in my step when I caught sight of it.

This tree prompted me to notice today that daffodils are blooming in tight little bunches at doorsteps and along sidewalks, down in the little hollows in the neighborhood yards that always have the first of a long parade of daffodils. I've also recently had to switch my alarm clock's alarm sound from birds tweeting to a generic (but thankfully not shrieky) musical tone, because the birds are starting up an hour or so before I normally rise, which leads me to think my alarm's going off. Spriiiiiiing.

And and and, as of today we are finally done with the Big Huge Federal Report that makes life a misery through February, not to mention the Big Annual Program Event and the Big Thrice-Yearly Workshop Events, all of which came within two weeks of each other, and it is as if the sun has come out! Birds are singing, warm breezes are blowing, college students are getting drunk and making embarrassing porn videos in Florida on spring break! (One of these things is not like the others...) I can catch up on non-essential work stuff! I can take a lunch break! Not that it won't still be busy, but it will be a manageable type of busy as opposed to chaos.

(I don't ultimately mind the work at this time of year--it is, after all, job security for the rest of the year, and I suppose it builds a certain kind of team spirit--but it would definitely be nice have it spread out instead of all bunched together. Federal deadlines being what they are, this is unlikely to ever happen.)


I haven't written much over the past couple of months because my brain's been too fried, but this weekend I AM going to plot out the next several scenes of the not!drawerfic and get started on them. I'm so close to at least joining up the ~80K chunk of continuous beginning and middle with the next few pieces of the middle I already have written, if not moving towards the end.

I did at least get some reading done over the past several weeks. Nothing really worth writing about here, but it was nice to do. Well, okay, one thing I did want to say was that I just finished The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt's newest) and thought it was great, but still a bit flawed. The rambling at the end needed to be cut down a lot. She approached Joycean--it was very reminiscent of the style of the ending to Portrait of the Artist, which is always a plus--but I rolled my eyes at some of it. That said, the book as a whole was intricately crafted and rich with interesting and well-realized characters, and despite myself I liked Theo a lot, so it was certainly worth reading.

Right now I'm finally reading Broken Homes, the latest Rivers of London novel. After that is Push Dick's Button, which is Dick Button's memoir and promises to be entertaining.


I voluntarily stepped onto a sheet of ice at 6:15 this morning so I could have a session to practice/warm up before my lesson at 7. How did this become my life?
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Good: I don't have a cavity or other tooth problem.

Bad: My dentist, much like sinus!doc, has no idea what's causing the sudden sensitivity to cold in one of my teeth.

The dentist swabbed some fluoride over it and said to come back in two weeks if things don't improve. The hygienist muttered something about the filling in that tooth being kind of big and maybe starting to disintegrate, which would require a crown. But one would think that would show up on the x-ray, so who knows. Dr. Google suggests exciting causes such as a hairline fracture that's exposing the nerve to air (and will eventually crack that tooth in half) or an autoimmune disorder that attacks the roots and kills them.

I think I'm going to invest in sensitive-teeth toothpaste and hope for the best.

Apparently I also have acquired a benign, harmless condition called geographic tongue (warning: vaguely gross pictures).

There's a weak link to allergies, which doesn't surprise me, and a weaker link to stress, which really doesn't surprise me given the way the past couple of weeks have gone. Oh, annual progress report to the NIH, how I hate you. Also the four other big work things that are all happening right around now, UUUUUGH, who came up with this schedule and why were they allowed to plan anything, ugh ugh ugh.

But the end is in sight, and indeed, in two more weeks things should calm down considerably, and then I can move from my cube into the office that comes with my promotion! It's not terribly swank or anything, but it's an office, with chairs and a tiny table and a door and more than one drawer of filing cabinet space, woo! It is very exciting.
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It has been an unspeakably busy two weeks at work. A coworker was out suddenly, and I've been covering for her during an especially hectic time; website stuff has been ramping up; we had to make sweeping logistical changes to our biggest event of the year on basically no notice...let's just say I've been putting in a lot of overtime. (Even though I'm salaried, and overtime doesn't really mean anything.) I usually do a good job of leaving work at work (hell, that's one big reason I got out of academia proper), but I've been reading emails at night and thinking about work-related stuff during my off time because there's just so much going on it's impossible not to keep churning it over.

But one thing I like about skating is that there just isn't room for other thoughts when I'm doing it. I have to concentrate on each part of my body to make all but the simplest stuff work, and even with the simple stuff, proper technique is a never-ending battle requiring full concentration. Nothing can ever not be improved. So the rest of the clatter in my head gets put in a soundproof room at the bottom of the ocean from the moment I start lacing up my skates to the moment I get my rag out and start drying them off.

All of which is to say, I had an amazing class this morning. (Even though, thanks to hockey camp, it started at 8 AM on a Saturday.) I am, in fact, the only person in my class for this session, and from this I can see why private lessons are the preferred method of teaching. My technique on everything improved by leaps and bounds in just half an hour. I still have to do back crossovers the clunky way to pass my test, but they're so much more stable with just a subtle delay in the weight shift from foot to foot. My T-stops no longer make my braking foot cramp up because I'm trying so hard to stop on the wrong part of the blade, with my shoulders in the wrong position.

My instructor this time being of the USE YOUR WORDS school helped a lot with that too. She's also super perky and either completely sincere in her praise or one of the best actresses I've ever seen. She started to get apologetic for offering so many technical corrections until I mentioned that, having done dance for years, I got it and didn't take it personally. Then she was kind of like, "YES, someone who understands!" and we were off to the races. If I only get one class session where I'm the entire class, I'm glad it's with her.

Aside from technique improvements, she also started me on inside open mohawks, which are a kind of turn that changes feet and direction (forward to backward). The guy in that video is turning more than we were, as I think she's starting me out with a simplified version and he's doing the correct one. Right now, I'm basically skating forward on one foot, sticking my other foot down in fifth position, changing weight, and skating backward on the other foot. That sounds so much easier written out than it actually is to do.

After class, I went by the grocery store and bought plums and tea. Chocolate hazelnut tea, to be precise, which sounds delicious. I've had an excellent day so far, and it's only 10 AM! Now, back to writing. I'm at 62,000 words and some change on the not!drawerfic, I have clear ideas of what all the rest of the scenes in Part 2 need to do, and by god I'm going to make progress this weekend.

Subject line courtesy of this poem.
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One of the unexpected benefits of working in a department with a lot of people who've immigrated from other countries is that holiday potluck lunches can get very exotic. We had one today, and in addition to the usual staples like deviled eggs, green bean casserole, turkey, and chocolate chip cookies, there were delicious homemade chicken dumplings, some kind of fried noodle dish, a Chinese beef dish I didn't catch the name of, and tasty little sesame seed pastry balls that are apparently called jin deui.

I almost didn't bother going to this, having had thoroughly meh experiences at work potlucks in the past, but I'm glad I went.


Finally got around to watching this week's Castle, which was one of the glurgiest things I've ever seen. And I'm a fan of 1930s and 40s movie musicals, so it's not like I haven't seen a lot of glurge! Ooof.


Got an idea and some words written on a Yuletide treat! Have much more research to do for it, though. Yikes. Also have ideas for Fandom Stocking goodies, yay. Just need to, you know, write the things.
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This week at work, I wandered around campus taking photos, designed some posters, and read and write a review of a book that is Relevant To My Interests both personally and professionally. Yep, my job is awesome.


I dug out my BSG season four soundtrack this week, and hearing "Laura Runs" in my car on the way to work instantly transported me back to my first semester teaching, when I played it non-stop in that same car on my way to campus at seven in the morning to psych myself up for getting in front of my students. (My teaching philosophy could in many ways be boiled down to "What Would Laura Roslin Do?" Except I couldn't implement a lot of what she would do because I had no airlocks.) It was a very engrossing sense memory, to the point where I could feel my hands getting sweaty and my heartbeat speeding up.

...I don't listen to that track in the car anymore.


I just found Fiona's stuffed squeaky owl in the kitchen sink. Apparently she somehow tossed it in there. I can't...I...I don't even know. This dog has superhuman (supercanine?) energy sometimes.


Now I will disappear back to the vidcave! Eventually to emerge with at least one and possibly two vids!
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Amusing things seen in the parking garage at work yesterday:

1. A Denison decal. Denison is just up the road from my own undergrad institution. I've never heard anyone outside of Ohio mention it.

2. A license plate reading "FRAK." On the same, car, a license plate holder reading "My other car is a TARDIS." (I need to meet this person. I'm almost tempted to leave a note under the windshield wipers, but I fear that would be too creepy.)


Fiona strikes again. This one lasted almost a month, which is pretty good for her. Mom got her something very similar to this today, and in literally under a minute, she had one of the eyes off. Sigh. At least it was cheap and she had fun?

We like these toys, especially the Orka ones, but they didn't have any in stock at Target and no one felt like driving all the way to the pet store. Fiona has the mini bone with the streamers, and while she has managed to get one of the streamers off, the bone itself is intact, and she loves it. It's just hard to actually play with her with it, because it's not really made for tugging and she's not all that into fetching.

On the positive side, she only unleashes destruction on her toys, and not on our stuff, so GOOD DOGGIE.


I also got a pretty dress today! As well, I've lost a decent amount of weight in the past two months thanks to diet changes, so a lot of my old clothes from grad school and just after fit again! This is, like, the best possible motivation to avoid sugar, because I am a.) a packrat, so I still have all my old business casual clothes from my first job out of college, as well as nice dresses from college ballroom days; b.) a cheapskate, so FREE CLOTHES are great; and c.) a hater of shopping, so I'm getting FREE CLOTHES without having to GO TO STORES AND TRY ON A MILLION THINGS! It's like winning the lottery!
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Today's rainbow. )

My first day at my new job was busy, but fun and interesting. I got to design a poster! And I'll get to write things soon!

As I was walking up to the office in the morning, I ran into a girl I went to high school with. She does my exact same job in a different department. Small world, etc.

I owe people e-mails, and I'll get to them soon, I swear. Perhaps this weekend. Or once I figure out a shorter way home. (440 at 5:30? Not a good idea.)


Apr. 27th, 2011 09:30 pm
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In a document that I read at work today honoring a seed company, there was an awesome and I assume unintentional pun: "[Company name] was a growing enterprise on [street]..." Heh.

Speaking of plants, a couple more pictures: under the cut )

And finally, I won the Netflix lottery and got Black Swan the day after it came out. Unfortunately, the film stank. )


Mar. 26th, 2008 09:42 pm
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So many times this week, I've opened the LJ update window, started to type something, and given it up as boring to everyone who has the misfortune to read it. But what the hell; tonight I'm going to put all those half-started entries into one and throw it out there. Beware.


This morning, my mother and I had the following conversation, paraphrased:

MOM: Argh, why are you always wearing white socks with your work clothes?
ME: *takes off shoe and wiggles bare foot*
MOM: OMG, those are your feet?! [perhaps with fewer internet acronyms and excessive punctuation]

Heh. And now I have proved my point that white socks or tights are actually at least as close, if not closer, to my natural skin tone than tan hose are. I WIN AT PALENESS. (Excepting for the albinos out there, I guess.)


I have to teach my team how to interpret specifications tomorrow at work. Fun times! My tack is essentially going to be, "See these ten pages? All they're doing is saying, 'We need elevation drawings and wiring diagrams. Oh, and some info on how to install and maintain this equipment we just bought would be good too, kthxbai.'"

Actually, reading through specs might be one of the more enjoyable parts of my job. The flippancy above aside, it probably is the most challenging aspect, often they do want weird things that, okay, most of the time we can provide, haha. The project managers have to figure out how to provide it. I'm glad I don't have their job.


I meant to talk earlier about my trip to UT last Friday, but never quite got around to it. In short, my impressions were: concrete, construction, and orange.

Heh. Okay, seriously, UT has a perfectly pleasant campus. It's smaller than I expected, actually, although I probably didn't see all of it. I of course chose to visit during their spring break, so NOTHING was open, which was a bit unfortunate, but I did get something of a sense of the campus, anyway. Knoxville was bigger than I thought it was, too; I had thought it was the same size as Chattanooga, but no. Not really. Uh, sorry Knoxvegans? (BTW, is TN the only place that turns placenames ending in "ville" into "vegas" with creeping regularity? I can't think of another state where cities have that done to their names, although I'm betting there's an Ashevegas in North Carolina. Hmmm.)

Pictures soon. Really.


I've recently been reading a lot of Richard Russo. Three novels, in particular (Empire Falls, Bridge of Sighs, and Straight Man), which all pretty much tell the same story about the same characters in the same town, with all the names changed. And really, that's been okay, because Russo tells this one story very, very well. And let's face it, I eat up quirky, darkly mysterious stories set in small towns with a giant spoon, so this fills my need nicely.

However, I would say he needs to change a few more details than he has been--one that comes to mind is that EF and BoS both are set in a town with a dying or dead factory which, in times past, used to dump dye-filled runoff into the town river, and you could tell what day of the week it was by what color the river ran. That's such a fantastic (if cancerous) image, and it really sticks with you. Perhaps one ought not to use it twice in two books published over a span of seven years. Another repeated detail is that in EF and SM, there's a tragicomic sad old man character who (usually when drunk) continually refers to the main character as a "peckerwood" in an ambiguously agressive/possibly joking way.

I feel like I'm damning with faint praise, but really, all three books are very good. Straight Man is by far the funniest, and involves academia, which is always a plus. Bridge of Sighs seems to be the most well-done, probably because it's the most recent. Empire Falls was the one that won the Pulitzer, though.


New BSG next Friday! Woot!

Heat, ugh.

Aug. 9th, 2007 06:15 pm
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Urk. High today was 104. It's still 102 at 6 PM. And next week is more of the same.

Oh, and they've been turning off the air conditioner in my office in the afternoons for a while now. Including today. I hear it's to save money, although today it might actually have broken. Much like the air in the car I usually drive, which went out on the way home from the dentist today.

I could live without the rest of August, I think...
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I did my first international project yesterday at work--for some kind of plant in British Columbia. Earlier in the week, I did a job for someplace in Washington called "Benton County."

I take my lols where I can get them, folks.


Download the track in my music field for free. Because Paste Magazine is awesome.

Me, wee.

May. 10th, 2007 10:12 pm
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At work, people in my department communicate among ourselves primarily via Instant Messanger because we are spread out over a good third of what is really quite a large building. I recently caved to peer pressure, delved into the weird world of "WeeMes," and made one as my avatar.

The crossed eyes and lack of fingers still kind of freak me out, but I was won over by the unutterable cuteness of the dragon. (It blows smoke hearts. THE DRAGON BLOWS SMOKE HEARTS, PEOPLE.)

People say it looks just like me. I went for as close a resemblance as I could get before my patience wore thin at the slowness of AOL's website, but I don't know that I'd call it just like me. The hairstyle isn't quite right, for one, although the glasses are remarkably similar for something chosen from such a small selection.

But whatever: a dragon that blows smoke hearts. And purple bunny slippers. Oh, yes. I enjoy this.


May. 1st, 2007 09:29 pm
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So, today I topped my previous record by compiling a 652-page package. For those of you keeping score, given that they wanted 16 copies of it, that works out to 10,432 pages, or 13% of the average pine tree.

Yeah, when I take that down tomorrow, the people in the print room are going to hate me.


We watched Night at the Museum tonight. The story was shamelessly sentimental and therefore lame, but, you would take a whole, whole lot to ruin the innate awesomeness of museum exhibits coming to life every night*, and this didn't even come close. T. Rex running around after a bone...Teddy Roosevelt riding through the halls...wild animals parading by...Attila the Hun attacking people....the miniature diorama figures getting up to mischief... Dude, if nothing else, it was totally worth it for the miniature cowboy and Roman centurion driving around in a remote-controlled car, yo. If they ever make a sequel about the miniatures, I will be there with bells on.

(Okay, the monkey stealing the plastic keys was pretty funny too.)

And if there aren't at least 1.3 million Jed/Octavius fics out there on the internet, then fandom is not the beast I thought she was. ;)

* I perhaps watched a lot of Today's Special at an impressionable age.
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I spent the entire four-hour battery of my iPod on songs from Wicked today. Huh. One of these days, I'll totally see that show. I hope, anyway. (Although the grammatical error in the song I quoted in my subject line irritates me. C'est la vie, I suppose. Or la rhyme scheme.)

It helped me get through the 450-page package I did today, anyway. (The 450 figure is a bit disingenuous as far as the amount of work involved; about 400 of those pages were composed of four catalogues which I just dragged into my document and didn't have to mark up at all. Actually finding the things in the labyrinthine website o' brochures took a bit of work, but not a whole lot more than the usual sort of package. Of course, the print room, which has to make 15 copies of it and ship it off on Monday, hates me now, but...*)

* For the curious, that is 6,750 sheets of paper used, which equals 13.5 reams of paper, or a little less than 10% of the average pine tree.
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You know, I never realized this, having only read Fahrenheit 451 around age twelve and The Illustrated Man not long after, but Ray Bradbury seems to be one of the comparatively few writers who deserves his reputation. I just finished Something Wicked This Way Comes, and the writing in it so evocative of autumn that I wondered if I hadn't suddenly time traveled to October. Of course, the conclusion left something to be desired--hugging the bad guy to death generally does--but it was a story more about the protagonists discovering themselves than of good guys vs. bad, so I'll give it a pass. Most of the things I read last week in the Golden Apples of the Sun collection of short stories were quite good as well. Mmmm, descriptions.

I checked out Dandelion Wine from the library as well, but I'm breaking up the Bradbury deluge with the new collected stories of Roald Dahl. I had no idea he also wrote for adults. So far, there seems to be a big focus on WWII RAF pilots, but then again, I'm only two stories in.

Last week I got about three-quarters of the way through A.S. Byatt's The Virgin in the Garden before giving up. Not-so-coincidentally, it was about that point in the book that I realized all of the buildup was not actually going to lead anywhere, or at least anywhere I wanted to go. I only have forty pages left so I may finish it, but probably not. *sigh* I enjoyed Possession so much! Why hasn't any of her other stuff been as good?

In other news, in the Fraser and Thatcher go to the Yukon fic (henceforth abbreviated F&TGttY, or perhaps just "Yukon fic"), they've made it through the first day and are now sharing a tent very, very awkwardly. (I think the reason I enjoy this pairing so much is because there is so much potential for awkwardness, which of course means FUNNY.) I've got a scene from the Cupid/dS crossover which, if I ever get a couple lines of dialogue right, I may post here since I'll likely never actually finish the whole thing to whet the appetites of whomever might actually read it.

And finally, today one of the job-checkers characterized my rate of getting jobs done as "rockin'," complete with the emphasis. That was rather nice, especially coming after I had to do a monstruously quick turn-around on some fairly major revisions to a job, and so was feeling a bit murderous stressed.
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One nice thing about work is that today it allowed me to make the following pun: "The circuit breaker section in this package really tripped me up."

(And it did, too. That one had all kinds of little pieces I'd never seen before and which would not pull up in the online digest, and...urg. Evil little section.)

This was the same package that had a panelboard schedule* with approximately fifty million little drawings, all of which came in out of order, and which took roughly forever to straighten out. I grow to dislike panelboards, yes, I do... (Think of it this way: imagine importing a 30-page story which you've never read into Acrobat, having the pages come in all out of order, and then having to use a tiny little page number in the corner to put them in order. Only it's not a number, it's something like 5KL1-Sect 4, and the next one is 3MR2-Sect 3, and you've got to put them in order according to a schedule from earlier in the package and not, like, alphabetically or anything rational, and do you see why it makes me a bit crazy? Although on the other hand there is feeling of vindication after I've sorted all the little buggers out, and that's kind of nice at 9:30 in the morning...)


This is a deceptively simple, yet astoundingly addictive little game. I don't know whether to hate you or love you, Peter.


I decided that I had to have the rumba RayK and Stell dance to at the end of "Strange Bedfellows," and it's actually on iTunes! Woo! It's so cool. *wiggles a bit* *has unfortuantely forgotten just about every cool move she ever learned for American Rumba*

* Panelboard = essentially the breaker box you have in your home, only bigger. Sometimes much bigger.
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Ugh. Trees. Sending out little pollen granules. Gaaaaah. That OTC 24-hour antihistamine stuff, which worked nicely in Ohio and England, is barely making a dent here. And it must be something in the yard of my house, because I'm not having this problem at work. Argh, trees; I know you want to have lots of babies, but you possibly expedite the process a bit?

Note to self: when choosing a city to move to, choose one that's not in a friggin' basin.

(You know, I'm usually fairly environmentally friendly, but right at the moment, "scorched earth" is sounding really good.)


In better news, at work today, I got a desk! And a computer! And office supplies! And e-mail! I know, I'm easy. But it is nice not to have to schlep my stuff around to various places all day, and not to have to move between different computers as the situation warrants. (The department is hiring like crazy, and cube/desk space hasn't kept up. I'm sure I'll be moved again in, like, a week.)

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