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I didn't do a fannish year in review last year because I hadn't produced very much. That's still the case this year, especially for fic, but I'm on vacation and have time, so I thought I would ramble a bit about my vids over the past two years.

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As far as real life goes, I don't think I need a year in review because the biggest things in my life this year have been the subject of most of my LJ entries over the past several months. In brief, though:

1. Took up skating in May, made it through ISI Gamma by December. I would have tested through Delta were it not for my wretched inside three turns. *sigh* I've at least attempted, if not mastered, everything in Freestyle 1, which includes jumps and spins. I performed in a show! I got to know fellow skaters!

2. Wrote 80,000 words of not!drawerfic. If I'm lucky, I'm 30K from the end!

3. Lost a bit more weight early this year, then took up skating and stopped changing the numbers on the scale, but kept going down in measurements as fat transmuted into muscle. Feel way fitter than this time last year.
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Eh, it's close enough to the end of the year for the annual meme. As usual, navel-gazing follows.

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I decided to just include the *mumblemumble* things I've done/am doing for [ profile] fandom_stocking on next year's roundup, since the reveal isn't until January. So, fannish year in review! It is, as these things tend to be, basically self-aggrandizing navel-gazing. I won't blame you for skipping.

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