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Here's a handy-dandy timeline for my Ivanova/Garibaldi AU, which also serves as a master list for everything in it. As I write more in the series (and oh, believe me, I have many bits and pieces littering my hard drive), I'll come back and update this post. You can also read everything in order at the series's page on the AO3.

This AU is a mix of standalones and fics contingent on ones which came before. "Little Dreams" follows directly from "Closet Idealism," and "How We Were Transfigured" follows right after. "Backstreets of Heaven" can follow either "Dreams" or "Transfigured." The others require no background, but they benefit from it.

Jan-Dec. 2260
Closet Idealism [PG-13]
Susan is not as much of a realist as she thought she was. Angst. (1175)

Jan. 2261-May 2262
The Little Dreams We Dream (Are All We Can Really Do) [PG-13]
Susan hasn't been as careful with her heart as she should've been. Angsty, but I do promise the epigraph is pertinent. (9100)

June 2262
How We Were Transfigured [G]
The sharp edge of memory begins to dull. Mostly Ivanova-centric. (425)

August 2262
The Backstreets of Heaven [R]
Bester comes to the station, and things go rapidly downhill. It's not quite a revenge tragedy, but it's definitely not fluffy and light. (2600)

March 2263
With Paper Wings [G]
Michael and Susan are pressed into babysitting duty and as a result, while ostensibly talking about the past and present, wind up having a conversation about the future. Fluff. (Though of course with them, there's always angst lurking in the corners...) (1900)

May 2263
A Heart for a Compass (or, A Proposal, the Modesty of Which Is Irrelevant) [PG]
Michael asks a question. Fluff. Well, okay, it's them, so there's a little angst mixed in, but it's mostly fluff. (550)

December 2263
Epithalamion [G]
On the day of Susan's wedding, she and Delenn have a chat. Susan & Delenn friendship more than anything. (1200)

Autumn 2266
Biological Inefficiencies [G]
"All of your biological inefficiencies are made up for by the fact that your friends can babysit this early in the child's life." - G'Kar. (625)

Spring 2268
We'll Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open [G]
Susan, Michael, and Sofie move to Minbar. It's a new beginning, but not in the old way. (1750)

Autumn/Winter 2268
Language Lessons [G]
Susan and Michael discover what their friends have been teaching their daughter. (225)

Autumn 2269
Iter Durum [PG]
November is hard for Susan Ivanova, and Michael has learned to give her space on this particular anniversary. It might go on like this forever, but the universe has other plans. (1850)

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