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I've packed a year's worth of culture into one weekend! (Well, maybe a month's.)

Last night I went to see Bruce Munroe's "Light" exhibit at Cheekwood. I don't know that it was the greatest thing ever, but it was certainly pretty to see the grounds all lit up with fantastical formations of LEDs.

By far the most spectacular was the garden of lightbulbs. This extended quite a ways down the lawn in front of the house, using some 20,000 LEDs on stalks rising about two feet off the ground. The lights wandered through trees, along paths, and into gardens. They slowly changed colors, cycling through yellow, red, blue, green, purple, and clear over the course of perhaps five minutes. Patches of them were on different cycles, so there was always a field of yellow next to a field or red or something like that, with complementary colors dotted in each field.

I also liked what the artist did to the Japanese gardens. There were little sprays of fiber optic cable in among the bamboo, and hundreds of flickering candles in the little pavilion that looks over the rock garden.

There was also a full moon last night, which really looked cool over the lights.

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And today, a co-worker and I went to see the Nashville Ballet's new production of Peter Pan, which was choreographed to a collection of mostly impressionist music by the long-time artistic director Paul Vasterling. It was fabulous! The costumes were amazing, the dancing was amazing (and at times funny), the music was amazing. They used "The Lark Ascending" for Tinkerbell's death and revival, which was an excellent choice. Captain Hook had THE BEST wig. They dressed up some poor sap in a dog costume for Nana, and another less poor sap in a crocodile costume. He got to wave his tail in Hook's face, wiggle his butt at the audience, and generally had a good time.

Peter and Wendy had some lovely duets, as did Mr. and Mrs. Darling. (I remember Mr. Darling as a jackass from the movie, but he was quite sweet in this one.) At one time or another most of the cast flew on wires, and that was faaaabulous. Peter, Wendy, and Tinkerbell all did this thing where they just kept spinning as they were raised to the rafters, and I have no idea how they did that without anything to push off on. And without wires, the fellow playing Michael still had amazing hang time on his stag jumps (or whatever they're called in ballet; skating calls them stag jumps) and jetes and the like.

I also had my skating class this morning, where as expected I did not pass the hockey stop. Sigh. Damn you, monthly attack of the clumsies! Oh well, not a big deal, especially since I'm already well ahead of the usual schedule; I'll just pass Gamma and Delta next time, if all goes well. (AND THEN I WILL BE IN FREESTYLE 1 AAAAAAAAAH. That's the point where I told myself I'd start taking privates. I just didn't expect to reach it so quickly.)

And tonight I'll do canon review for my Yuletide assignment. I got the fandom I was half-expecting to receive, and I already had an idea for it. I hope my recip likes it too!


Aug. 18th, 2013 09:19 am
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I saw a poster for the Nashville Ballet's world premiere performance of Peter Pan yesterday. That sounds awesome! I've liked Paul Vasterling's choreography in the past, so I have high hopes this will be good.

Apparently they're also doing something with Ben Folds that sounds interesting. Might go to that one too.

And, because this is Nashville, they're doing something called Tennessee Jack and the Kudzu Vine. Yep. I won't be attending that one, as it's obviously aimed at kids, but I'm glad it exists.


In other news:

If only I'd written it in a month, and that month had been November, I would've won NaNo!

I'm still toiling in Part 2 of 4, with excursions into the later parts--Part 2 wasn't supposed to be this long, but the characters kept wanting to Do All The Things--so I think this will definitely wind up at 100K+. Yikes. Yay! But yikes.
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Just in time for Halloween, the Nashville Ballet put on a three-piece program consisting of Balanchine's Valse Fantasie and two pieces by artisitc director Paul Vasterling, Ballet: Tango and Dracula. I saw yesterday's matinee.

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