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I wish this had been a thing when I was in the ballroom dance club at college. I guess the dancing reality shows didn't really get popular until after I graduated, though.

Tangentially, it's kind of sad to realize I recognize none of the names in that article. All of our little baby officers who were elected at the end of my senior year have been graduated for at least four years now!


I'm slowly admitting that the reason I haven't been writing much on the not!drawerfic has less to do with being busy (though that definitely contributed) than it does with knowing in my heart that I need to restructure most of the first chapter of Part 3. I've got a big event that really needs more buildup, as evidenced by the fact that the scene right after it is almost entirely composed of flashback, because I so didn't set up that event well. Sigh. At least I won't lose much besides my transitions, because see above re: flashback.


I've caught up with all the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcasts that I'm interested in. What am I going to listen to in the car now? :(

I have to say, Jib Janeen the Jupiter Spy miiiight just be my favorite character. He's definitely up there with Frank and Sadie, anyway. Speaking of whom, I really hope they have him show up to impersonate Frank at some point, and have Sadie see through him immediately. (I may have to write this fic.)
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So, uh, I may have been talked into doing the holiday skating show. I didn't realize there was an adult number, but apparently there is, and now I'm going to be part of it. It's to "White Christmas." What have I let myself in for?

First rehearsal is this Saturday after class. Eeeek.

Speaking of skating, today's practice was great. I did a for realsies hockey stop! I actually felt myself stopping in part with my back foot! This has never happened before! Woo!

A teenaged girl came up to me as I was struggling with inside three turns and asked me to show her how to do one. I showed her the outside three turn...which she got the first time doing it. (Oh, for the fearlessness of youth!) This gave me the burst of competitiveness I needed to finally scratch out a few decent inside threes going clockwise. Counterclockwise still appears to be a lost cause for now.

Other achievements: C-cut-type backwards crossovers where I remembered to keep my weight on my back leg and thus generated two pushes on each crossover instead of one, and something that looked closer to a spiral than I've ever gotten before. We're still talking, like, 45 degree angle here rather than the ultimate goal of 90, but it's better than 20-something!


In other news, I've made it through almost half of the collected podcasts of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. A combination of my commute; a large, mindless task at work only I have the proper computer permissions to do and which must be done, and which is perfect for doing while listening to a radio play; and let's be honest, skipping everything related to Tales from the Black Lagoon, Jefferson Reid, Colonel Tick-Tock, and Captain Laserbeam* have made this possible in the last week.

I'm surprised there's not scads of fanfic for Sparks Nevada. It has some fun worldbuilding, many reoccurring characters, plenty of potential ships with members of all genders, and NATHAN FILLION as a minor character. Fandom, where are you?

(Maybe you're all off writing the delightfully drunk adventures of those married mediums, Frank and Sadie Doyle. This would be acceptable.)

Pezzers, you should totally listen to this if you haven't already, because it is awesome.

* I want to like Captain Laserbeam, but the Adventureketeers annoy the crap out of me.


Oct. 28th, 2013 06:11 pm
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How did I not know that the Thrilling Adventure Hour is no longer just a stage show that put up that one video on YouTube several years ago that I loved, but a podcast? This is awesome!

(Admittedly, they lose a little bit without the video. There are definitely moments where the audience is laughing at something on the stage that isn't coming through in the audio. But it's 90% there, and that 90% is pretty great.)

Speaking of this: Frank and Sadie Doyle and Nick and Nora Charles meeting for a drink and maybe some lightly paranormal sleuthing. Great crossover, or THE GREATEST crossover? Especially if Nick and Nora make comments about how much Frank and Sadie remind them of themselves?

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