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As [ profile] rowdycamels might say, the shrine is complete. I have finished my Susan Ivanova mood theme, and in addition to using it myself, I am offering it to the internets at large. Behold!

Click here or on the graphic for the zip file.

In addition to the usual 132 moods, I've included a folder full of alternates so you can mix and match as you desire. There are something like 90 alternates in there (um...I had a hard time choosing for some moods?), so you've got lots to pick from if you want to customize.

Screencaps are by the incredibly generous [ profile] fyrjurai (whose post linking to caps from all five seasons is here), with a few of my own sprinkled in here and there. Given how divorced all the images are from context, it shouldn't spoil anyone who's making his or her way through the series for the first time--I mean, really, is it a surprise that Susan Ivanova is "pessimistic" or "angry" at some point in the future?--but caveat spectator.

A comment credit in your userinfo if you take this would be lovely. Enjoy!
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Click the image to download a .zip file of all the mood icons.

Instructions for uploading via the admin console are here, or you can use LJ's Manage Mood Themes page. (I have no idea what works and what doesn't with various levels of account. I have a paid account, and both options work for me. Your mileage may vary.)

It includes caps through "The Passenger in the Oven" (4.09), but I would only consider it spoily through 3.10, "The Santa in the Slush." (Your idea of a spoiler may not be mine, etc.) Caps come mostly from Bones Fans Online, and also from [ profile] laugh_cry_live.

If you use this mood theme, credit would be greatly appreciated!

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