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Various Old Skool Who icons, plus a few new series ones. Most are new(ish); some I've been using for a while and have just been too lazy to upload for public consumption. Spoilers through "The Idiot's Lantern."

Six icons from the Four and Sarah Jane episode 'The Pyramids of Mars' )

16 others, Five through Ten (minus Seven, but including the Eight audios) )

and one extra of David Tennant, just because )

Comments and credit are appreciated. Dress them up as you please. Brushes from Hybrid-Genesis, caps either my own or from the DWIA.


Jun. 7th, 2006 01:46 pm
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Life Stuff:
Grrr, argh, knees. Obviously the exercises are going to have to be resumed every six months or so. Hopefully this will not last for the rest of my life.

My repainted dresser is done! It's preeeeetty. I'll get a picture up here once the varnish dries completely and I can close the drawers.

My job search, on the other hand, is not pretty. It is quite ugly at the moment, in fact. All I can seem to find in town are things like door-to-door sales, which...if I were interested in marketing, maybe, but I'm not, so no. I did apply for an editorial assistant job that I really want, and I have an application for a library and/or state archives peon job (they claim not to be hiring right now, but they keep resumes on file, so...) done and waiting to be turned in, but beyond that... *sigh* I did find a nifty site full of job listings for freelance writers and artists/graphic designers/photographers, but it seems intent on not letting me register so I can do something about it. Grrr, argh.


Who Stuff:
So I listened to "...Ish," and found that Peri has possibly the most annoying voice in all of creation. Honestly, I think she does. It's squeaky and whiny and has a not-at-all-right American accent. I mean, I've heard worse ones, but owwwwwww. This hurts. It hurts my soul.

On the other hand, after listening to "Winter for the Adept," I think both Sarah Sutton's voice and her interpretation of the the character have improved tremendously in the past twenty years. Nyssa doesn't constantly sound sort of dazed and high.

I also watched the DVD of "Earthshock" with the commentary turned on. HEE! They're all so funny. Well, with the exception of poor Matthew Waterhouse, who didn't say much. Janet Fielding especially was cracking me up with her "self-elected fashion correspondant" stuff. And they all seemed to agree with my interpretation of the Tegan/Doctor reunion and ready-to-take-a-bullet-for-her scenes. "That's verging on hanky-panky in the TARDIS, isn't it?" Heh.

Something else they all said was really interesting: I hadn't noticed it before, but when it's pointed out, you can really see that every scene was blocked like the camera was the audience in a theatre. In big group shots, they're all standing exactly in the gaps left by other people, so you can see everyone. And they talk towards the camera, not towards other characters (actually, sort of halfway between the camera and the character standing beside them). I wonder if that's not one of the biggest reasons it looks so different from New Who, or anything much past its time, really.
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New icon in honor of discovering the Red Hat Society. Purple dresses (as most of you know, purple is my favorite color to a probably-unhealthy degree), ostentatious red hats, and tea parties. There is no bad here.

Aw, I have a Miss Marple icon!


The Historian continued its trend of amazingness. Well, the romances could have been done away with, but beyond that--fantastic. And of course, just as I finish one vampire book that gives me the willies, what arrives in my mailbox but Goth Opera a Fifth Doctor "Missing Adventure" about, you guessed it, vampires. At least there's no possible way these vampires can be scary. There's too much horrible, horrible science trying to explain their existence in the real world ("quantum states where vampires exist" being translated to "classical physics" so we can see them by way of garlic and Christianity?) to take them in any way seriously.

Also, it has Five and Tegan acting like they're married. Aw. To wit )

I think after this, though, I'll attempt to turn away from vampires and into something like The Seven Ages of Paris. Of course, one of those ages will undoubtedly be the Revolution, but guillotines are less creepy than vampires, I suppose.


Speaking of books, I got an amazing haul this weekend at the used bookstore in Rivergate. I traded in a massive box of comps books, books from this semester, and stuff from the recent hoe-out of my bookcase, so I ended up getting thirteen books for free. And I still have fifteen books-worth of credit left. I got my own copies of Brideshead Revisited and Pamela Dean's Tam Lin, 'cause those are books I simply must have around. I got a bunch of Hardy, because yay Hardy, including a book of his poetry that was edited by John Crowe Ransom (I felt a bit obligated to get that one). Also, Tennyson's Idylls of the King, Forster's A Passage to India, Porter's Ship of Fools, and a couple fantasy books I'd heard were good: The Glass Harmonica and The Glasswright's Apprentice. In addition, I got one of the stories-from-the-Sandman universe anthologies, Trollope's Barchester Towers (I wanted He Knew He Was Right, but they didn't have it), and The Compleat Angler, which, yes, is about fishing, but also includes lots of lovely passages about the sixteenth-century English countryside.
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So I watched a whole lot of TV last week. Sunday night, we showed Kate and Meg "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," because everyone needs to see those. I showed them the Fifth Doctor two-parter (only 20 minutes each, thank God) "Black Orchid," then I showed it to Chandra. (Ellen couldn't take the eightiesness of it and had to leave partway through. Silly girl.) So...lots of TV. Followed by lots more TV, with a side helping of audios.

And here's lots of commentary. Lengthwise, it's the equivalent of a ten-page essay. Yeah. Amazing what a bit of NO MORE SCHOOL EVER until grad school/library school will do for one's time and inclination towards fannish activities. Now I just need to put some of this energy towards finding a job...

Black Orchid ramblings )

On Monday (or possibly it was Tuesday) I also watched Earthshock )

I also got my hands on a copy of the parody, The Curse of Fatal Death )

One more thought about TEC/TDD, with a reference to TGitF )

And finally, the promised Eighth Doctor Audios spaz post. Spoilers through 'Other Lives.' )

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