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So, um, I was thinking about my last post, and the following lines of filk came into my head:

Saskatchewan is really, really flaaaat.
(For corn*!)
It's got a lot of farmland, good soil and things like thaaaaat.
(For corn!)
It grows all day and night
(The corn!)
Under the bright sunlight
(The corn!)
I'd say this province really is just riiiight!
(For corn!)

...So if I drank, this would be the moment when someone hauls me out of the bar, right? (Please say someone would.)

Dear Canada,

...I'm sore-y sorry.



* "Corn," of course, being used in the European sense of "grain," because of course wheat is Saskatchewan's biggest crop. Everyone knows that. *goes to delete incriminating Safari history*
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And be warned that it is definitely on crack...

DISCLAIMER: MGM, Gekko, Double Secret, and Universal own all. I'm making no money. Please don't sue.
FEEDBACK/ARCHIVING: Both would be awesome. Please let me know where it's going by dropping a line to author1[at]comcast[dot]net.
CATEGORY: Sillyfic that I think degenerated into parody at some point along the line. Also, possibly a tiny bit of Sheppard/Weir UST if you want to read it that way.
SPOILERS: "Suspicion"
SUMMARY: Elizabeth Weir gains some invisible friends. Sort of. In a manner of speaking.
NOTES: Premise shamelessly stolen from the short-lived FOX series *Wonderfalls* and altered to fit my nefarious purposes. Thanks to [ profile] trickster_ for the beta. :)

Chance of Impossible Things Before Breakfast, Insanity Continuing into Afternoon )

So for me, this is right on the border between kinda Sheppard/Weir shippy and too gen to post to any of the S/W lists/community in good conscience. (Well, the loons on sheppard_n_weir would probably get a kick out of it anyway...) What do y'all think?

*runs off on errands/shopping trip, will be back to reply to comments that have been filling up inbox later today*
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Someone's been reading too much Silmarillion. That would be me. This bit of silliness inspired by God-knows-what, but Muse kicked me about, oh, fifteen minutes ago, and here it is--an unbetaed(but spell-checked!) 700 words of pure...I don't even know. Eeek.

DISCLAIMER: Tolkien is rolling in his grave right now. He won't want 'em back.
FEEDBACK/ARCHIVING: Write me at if you don't hate me after reading this. Archive if you like. Tell me if you do.
CATEGORY: Humor. Definitely.
SUMMARY: Year 120 of the Fourth Age. Legolas and Gimli set off for Valinor. This is what they find.
NOTES: Um...I'm sorry? Please forgive me?

At the Edge of the World )

So this is my first fic and new writing-fandom of the new year. I hope it isn't some kind of sign...
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I've never posted anything that wasn't finished before, but there's a first time for everything. Here's mine. It's another silly crossover starring SG-1. Should I bother finishing it?

DISCLAIMER: Stargate SG-1 belongs to MGM, Gekko, Double Secret, and probably others. The Lord of the Rings and all associated stuff belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm a poor college student who's not making any money off of this; if you sue me, you'll get whatever spare change I can scrounge from under the dorm couch cushions when I go back next month.
FEEDBACK/ARCHIVING: Feedback is welcomed, and if I ever finish this, archiving will be as well. Send it all to .
CATEGORY: Humor, Crossover (semi-sorta-kinda-not quite), honest-to-god genfic(!)
SEASON/TIMELINE: Any season where Daniel's around and Sam is a major for SG-1. Doesn't really matter much for LOTR, but probably somewhere during FOTR.
NOTES: Another semi-crossover thing, although I'm aiming to use an actual character this time. Not one of the fellowship, though.

Treed )

Yes, I am really, really whacked.
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"Once you pop, you can't stop!" Drabbles are addictive. As is DRD porn.

DISCLAIMER: The people who own them won't want them back after this.
NOTES: Little Blue/1812 slash
SUMMARY: Drabble. Little Blue wakes up.

"The Morning After"
by Icepixie, July 2003

* * *

Little Blue woke up with a pounding headache. He tried to remember what he'd done the night before, but it was all a distressing blank. He remembered drinking an entire bottle of res'lak (which, upon reflection, might not have been a wise amount for a being of his size), but nothing else.

Suddenly he felt movement at his side, and slowly turned his eyestalks to see what it was. Little Blue found that he was not alone in his recharging chamber.

"1812?" Little Blue asked, a tremor in his chittering. "Did we do what...?"

1812 trembled. "I think we did."
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Wheee, funky SG-1/Harry Potter fic! [ profile] spockette told me I should post it, so I'm posting it.

DISCLAIMER: I solemnly swear that neither Stargate SG-1, Harry Potter, or any of the characters contained within belong to me. And I am *so* up to no good.
FEEDBACK/ARCHIVING: Please and thank you to both. Send it all to .
CATEGORY: Vague crossover with the Harry Potter universe, although no character appearances. Sillyfic that degenerates into parody. Thoroughly ridiculous.
RATING: PG because, let's face it, Jack's inner voice just can't keep its mouth clean.
PAIRING: Pretty canonical levels of Sam/Jack UST.
SEASON/SPOILERS: Mid-season 3. References to "Point of View."
NOTES: Thanks bunches to Kim ([ profile] spockette)!
SUMMARY: So how *does* Sam work all those miracles?

'Making Magic' )Yes, I know, I'm weird. But it's in a good way, right? *giggle*
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Note to self: do not ever say you will "never be able to" do something, because then you immediately go and do it. For your reading pleasure, a Farscape drabble that is exactly 100 words long. I'm getting concise in my old age.

DISCLAIMER: Farscape and associated machines aren't mine.
FEEDBACK/ARCHIVING: Please and thank you to both. All feedback and archive URLs to .
SUMMARY: *Someone's* having fun on vacation...
NOTES: This is a sequel of sorts to "The DRDs Strike Back!" It is also a drabble. It is also dedicated to Kate ([ profile] tarzanic), for reasons I'm sure will become clear shortly. *eg*

'Sex on the Beach' )

I apologize for all the mental images...

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