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Firefly fans, watch this preview clip from next week's Castle. (I wouldn't say it spoils anything; looks like it comes from the first five minutes of the episode.) Be prepared to wet your pants. ;)


Jun. 24th, 2006 12:23 am
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Today I saw someone with a Fourth Doctor icon which had "And I can kill you with my brain" on it.

Wouldn't River as Four's companion be the best crossover EVER?

(If I'm the last person in the world to think of this, please don't tell me. *g*)

Thanks to my library, I watched the first episode with Romana (the first version) today. Hee. She's fun. Also, I covet her fluffy cloaky thing, although perhaps in a color that's not quite so blindingly white and easy to dirty. I've still got my fangirl going on Sarah Jane, though...need to see more episodes with her in them.
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I think I just gave myself a hernia trying not to laugh at this Firefly fic (shockingly enough, there's someone else in the Mac lab). Just...go read it. It's hilarious.

....Um. I'm TOTALLY working hard this afternoon. Getting a lot of work done. Yep. that's me.

(Hey, I managed to clean out my electronic inbox for the Review, since I would usually work one of my hours this morning. And I have a thesis for my history paper. That's something!)


In other news, winter blew in. Well, okay, very cold and damp autumn. But the heat is definitely not on in my apartment, and it's definitely cold there. It's somewhat better in the library, though, which is nice.


Finally, happy belated birthday to [ profile] tarzanic! I have totally fallen behind on the birthdays, so I'm sorry to everyone I missed. :(


Oct. 9th, 2005 01:36 pm
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Managed to get to Columbus last night to see Serentiy (because why would the theatre in Mt. Vernon play it, after all?). Yay!

Spoilers )


It was our monthly shift at the Humane Society this morning. Puppies! Kitties! There was one half-grown kitten, Marcy, who attempted to climb into everyone's ears. If necessary, she would jump onto you from three feet away. Craaaazy kitty. Then there was the sociopath cat, who reminded me of Cat. Mmmm, antisocial cats. Plus, two-month old wriggly shepherd puppies. Awwwwww.

And now...laundry. And studying. Yes.

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