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Happy Valentine's Day! This is a vid about love, albeit not necessarily the kind usually associated with February 14th...

Title: Made White As Snow
Song/Artist: "Five Hebrew Love Songs: Éyze Shéleg! (What Snow!)", composed by Eric Whitacre
Fandom/Characters: Fringe, Walter&Peter-centric
Spoilers: Through 4.20
Length: 2:08
Summary: Every Walter Bishop bears a powerful and terrifying love for every version of his son. Now he must let Peter go.
Notes: Title comes from Isaiah 1:18: "And then come, and accuse me, saith the Lord; if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow." Thanks to [ profile] tarzanic for the excellent beta!

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Today was a very red day. My old tan, warm, fuzzy-fleecy-cottony-lined raincoat, which I owned for almost ten years and wore literally every. single. day. of the nine months I was in Europe (okay, well, there might have been a day or two in Paris when it was warm enough not to wear it) finally gave up the ghost. The waterproofing on the outside was apparently, like, sprayed on, and has been flaking off around the neck for about a year now, leaving ugly white speckles. This week two big spots peeled off on the back, making it look like I'd had an unfortunate accident with some bleach.

So now I have a beautiful dark red, warm, flannel-lined raincoat. I've always wanted a red coat (leftover Paddington Bear fetish from childhood? IDK), and now I have one. I also discovered when I got home that in fact the flannel lining zips out, and thus I actually bought two coats for the price of one! Now I'm prepared for all phases of winter/spring at home, and I also have the perfect coat system for Seattle in April.

(Speaking of Seattle: Much planning. Much excitement. [ profile] rowdycamels and I going to do a lot of museums and even more hiking. Plus I will get to see Roslyn, where I will absolutely stand in front of the Roslyn's cafe mural and pretend for a while that I'm in Cicely, Alaska. Also awesome: getting to see [ profile] rivendellrose!)

I also got a red dress 'cause it was cheap and pretty. It looks kind of like an updated version of a dress that might've come out of Mad Men. Different from anything I usually wear, but cool. I look 28 instead of the 16 I usually appear.

Last weekend I started barreling through Fringe S4 on DVD, which I received as a Christmas present primarily because I wanted to make vids with it. As with some events of S3, this season works much better at DVD rather than broadcast speed. Also with a fast forward button. I'm gleefully speeding through most things having to do with the new shapeshifters, and definitely through Peter And September In The Room of Bad CGI And Awful Exposition. Knowing that they do eventually get on the stick and salvage at least some of this terrible season helps weather the meandering road they took, too.

This weekend, in addition to marathoning Fringe and shopping, I rearranged some events YET AGAIN in my novel. Now I think everything's just about back to how I had it originally. *facepalm* I desperately want to finish this draft by the end of April, because it's dragged on since October and I don't actually have much to show for those three months. (Admittedly, some of that is because Yuletide interrupted for a month.) I feel like I've lost the throughline I had in the last version, and that's why I'm having so much trouble placing these four new events. I need to tie more logical emotional development to them, because right now things are meandering...rather a lot like S4 of Fringe, which is not a good thing! Rick is doing a lot of vacillating, and while he's the kind of character who would totally do that, it's getting annoying to write and probably will be annoying to read if I don't do something to tone that down.
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Spoilers )
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In contrast to the rest of my week, where thing after thing seemed to go wrong, yesterday was a lovely day. I got new glasses I like (I went rimless this time, although other than that they look almost exactly like my current half-rims, which was my goal), bought a card I needed for work, and was done with these errands by 10:30. The mail brought lab results from my appointment a few days ago, and I fall well within normal ranges for everything.

...And then I wound up reading fanfic all afternoon and evening instead of working on Fandom Stocking fills, but no one's perfect. And today is another day.

I did watch Fringe on Friday. Walter on acid is never not fun, and I especially enjoyed the spoiler. )
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Spoilers )

Preview thoughts: Walter on acid is ALWAYS a good thing! I guess since they aren't getting an episode 19 to go crazy with this year, they're making do with episode 8. My pet theory is still that they're going to go back in time and rewrite this future, possibly with help from Redverse (and I gotta say, the titles of some of the upcoming episodes definitely sound like they could bear this out!), but if "the future is an illusion," as the promo suggests, I won't cry. Anything that ends this story faster is fine by me.
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I did watch Nashville this week, but can't bring myself to bother commenting much on it. It was more coherent than last week, but that's not saying much. I still only really care about Juliette's storyline, which continues to shock me, and rather wish that Avery, Scarlett, and Gunnar would all move to Austin and get off my screen. (P.S. Avery's OMG-so-attention-whorey guitar line? Totally the best part of that song.) I keep thinking that this has to get better, because the pilot was so good, but it keeps dragging along. Maybe once they finally get Rayna and Juliette in some scenes together? It has to happen at some point, right?


Fringe spoilers )
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My Yuletide assignment is a request for (one of) the kinds of story I write all the time and really enjoy, with one of my favorite characters. Score! I have three ideas percolating already. Might wind up writing more than one if time allows, especially since two of them would be good for Madness.


Fringe spoilers. Will probably harsh your squee. )

In TV news

Sep. 23rd, 2012 09:40 am
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Fringe S5 premieres in less than a week! I have somewhat mixed feelings about it after last season, but given the little dance I just did in my chair when I realized there are only five days and ten hours left to wait, I'm going to guess "pleased" wins out. :D

Castle S5 also premieres this week. I was tempted not to even bother, but then I saw this sneak peak, and...this might not actually suck as much as last year. I laughed! Watching Castle! That hasn't happened in a while. The TV Guide-style summary is Spoilers? ) which does not fill me with enthusiasm, but maybe they'll only drag that out once or twice a season, and they will actually be funny/cute/sweet to make up for it? I think I could live with that.

Meanwhile, this weekend seems to have been given over to trolling for new, or at least read-it-so-long-ago-I-don't-remember-it, fic for some of my oldest fandoms. At the moment, I have DS9, TNG, XF, and SG-1 fic up in tabs, and I have a feeling SGA is going to get added to that before the day is out. To that end, allow me to recommend a series: the Greensleeves AU by ScopesMonkey, which you can reach by scrolling to the end of their profile. It's Jadzia/Julian, aka Baby's First OTP. (Adorable science twins! Whyyyyy did you have to destroy all my dreams, PTB?)
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Title: Ordinary Day
Song/Artist: "Ordinary Day," Great Big Sea
Fandom: Fringe
Spoilers: Through the end of season three.
Characters/Pairings: Gen, everybody
Length: 3:13
Summary: Monsters? Mad scientists? Alternate universes? Extremely high doses of mind-altering drugs? It's just another ordinary day in Fringe Division...
Content Note: This makes use of the fact that Fringe has a pretty high grossness quotient.

With thanks to my lovely betas, [ profile] tarzanic and [ profile] legoline!

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Fringe S5 Trailer!

Thoughts )


I wrapped up my Farscape rewatch with The Peacekeeper Wars this weekend, You know, the only thing I remembered about that miniseries was the Lion Kingesque ending with John, Aeryn, and baby D'Argo, but it was quite excellent indeed! I'm a sucker for political machinations on a galactic scale, and by the end of its run, FS delivered that in spades. Also, although I plan to avoid children, I hope that one day, in a trying situation, I will have the same presence of mind that Aeryn demonstrates by continuing to shoot bad guys while in labor.
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Fringe gets a 13-episode fifth season! EEEEEEEE!

(There is one very vague spoiler in the article about the direction S5 will probably go. I am...not entirely thrilled, but willing to see how it plays out.)

In other news: Asteroid mining in the planning stages! Part of my space pilots story is coming truuuuuuue!

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