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Oh, hockey stops, why tormentest me thou?

Speaking of butchered Middle English, some spoilery thoughts on this week's Sleepy Hollow )
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So apparently Orlando Jones reads (and tweets links to) Sleepy Hollow fanfic. Some of it, yes, R-rated. He also reblogs ridiculous fannish graphics with generally-fandom-only tags like "shipping wars." And goes so far as to suggest potential fic plots. Apparently he's heard of mpreg. I'm getting tired of linking individual things and will just send you to an article detailing it all.

Part of me thinks that's hilarious and awesome. A larger part of me is screaming, "DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS!!!" I know, I know, social media has blown the fourth wall to smithereens, but...I liked the fourth wall. It was comfy. And supportive. This makes me a fandom dinosaur, but I miss when fandom was underground.

That said, with a post tagged "I was a fan boy long before this," I do rather get the impression Jones made the progression from fandom-->creator side of things rather than the other way around, which make it less awkward than it could be. Also, the way he's subtly trolling the fandom has made me burst out laughing a few times, so there's that.

I did watch the third episode of the show, and I'm hanging in there, but I do think it's time to start bringing some ironing or sewing to do while I watch. Camp is fun in a movie, but starts to get a little tiresome in a TV show.


In other news, I decided to go ahead and do Yuletide this year. I have my letter and sign ups ready to go. Bring it on!
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Back from Chicago! Saw pretty things! Saw Whitney get married! Hung out with Pezzers! Yay! Pictures forthcoming...later. This weekend, I think.


One of the things we did in Chicago was watch the first episode of Sleepy Hollow. It's kind of ridiculous, melodramatic, and illogical, and it has cancellation bait written all over it, and yet...I kind of liked it. Tiny, tiny spoiler ) I liked it enough that I plan to watch the second episode when I make the time, probably also this weekend.


Today at practice I finally managed a few left forward inside open mohawks! I could do right mohawks with tolerable consistency, but the right side had been confounding me for a week. (In my defense, you have to turn clockwise for it, and CCW is my natural inclination.) I love those moments when, after twenty bad tries, all the pieces of where each part of the body should be and what it should be doing finally come together in this one magical whole.

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