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In which I set myself free! )

In other news, Rizzoli & Isles returned last night. There was Bill O'Reilly. It was just as bad as you would expect, although not for exactly the reasons you would expect. But I enjoyed the snarking between Jane & Maura, Jane & Frost, Jane & Frost & Korsak, etc. Also, Maura changing a tire. And changing into appropriate footwear first. Ha!

Also, next week's Castle looks really good. Castle and Beckett apparently spend part of the episode handcuffed together, and...okay, Marlowe & co. basically just put some fanfic up on the screen, and I am 100% okay with that.
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I finally got around to reading Sinclair Lewis's Main Street this week. Lewis took 500 pages to say what Kate Chopin took 150 to say in "The Awakening" twenty years earlier, but even so, I liked it. (Okay, okay, it had a bit wider scope than "The Awakening.") I saw a little too much of myself in the dreaming dilettante Carol, and I found the satire of Good Old Small Towns On The Prairie very thorough and biting.

I also brought home a bunch of paperbacks the other day from the Local Used Book Emporium, including the definitive Collected Robert Frost for only three dollars(!). (That was originally going on my Christmas list, but now that list has been condensed to "all three seasons of Fringe." I'm looking forward to all the vids I can make! :D) I've been meaning to read more Frost for, oh, three years now. While I'm thinking about it, have one of his lesser-known works, which happened to be the first one I flipped through when I brought this volume home.

And I have ONE SQUILLION eleven books either out from the library or waiting on the holdshelf for me. So I will be busy for the next month or so. Whee!


Just for the hell of it, some WIP snippets. And by "snippet," sometimes I mean half the fic. (Some of these may never actually see the light of day in any kind of finished form, so...yeah.)

Body of Proof, Northern Exposure, Babylon 5 )
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1. I discovered a really good gyros place near my house. OM NOM NOM. They use ranch dressing instead of tzatziki, which never occurred to me but is delicious. Also the meat is really good, and they use incredibly tasty tabouleh as one of the toppings.

2. I went to Radnor Lake today and saw a deer! Sadly, I only got one halfway-decent shot of her, and the rest were of deer butt. Nevertheless, wildlife! I took about 120 pictures total and haven't managed to sort through them yet, but once I do, I'll put them up.

3. Burn Notice returns tomorrow night! I had sort of forgotten they even had a winter season, so this is an unexpected bonus for my week!

4. Apparently Jamie Bamber is going to be guest-starring on Body of Proof as a love interest for Megan starting late this month. I was never a fan of Lee (as I recall, he was the one character I consistently thought BSG could do without), but it was more the character's fault than Bamber's, so this should be...interesting. Also, quid pro quo since Dana Delany guest-starred in an S2 episode of BSG? Anyway, please please please, show, have Ethan make a reference to his amazing resemblance to a certain Viper pilot, or some kind of joke that plays on his BSG background!

5. Fringe Friday in two days! Things I am hoping this episode addresses or includes: under a cut; all speculation, no spoilers )

Relatedly, news from the scheduling front: counting this week, only three episodes are going to air this month before the EIGHT-WEEK HIATUS ARGH until January 13th. This means episode eight, the original fall finale, won't air until January. On the one hand, it's certainly going to be a cliffhanger, and this way, we'll only have to wait a week for the resolution instead of eight or nine weeks. I might have a shred of sanity left by the end of the hiatus. On the other hand, from the title alone I am expecting big things from that episode, and now I will just have two more months to build up unreasonable expectations. (Granted, only once or twice has Fringe failed to live up to my expectations, but still.)
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These spoilers come riding horses. )

P.S. Just me, or is DW crossposting suddenly failing for everyone else? It keeps telling me my password is invalid, even when I changed it. This is related to the other sitewide glitches, isn't it?
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Quick BoP post before FRINGE, OMG (sorry, I know I'm spammy today): Production stills for Tuesday's episode are out. And these must be Peter's sisters! Between that and the preview, I am all a-squee for something good, or at least highly amusing, to happen. (Doesn't Megan look kind of evil in that second one? Like she's going to tease Peter mercilessly about something sister-related? It's so cute I don't even mind that it's going to joss my Peter-drags-Megan-home-for-Thanksgiving-and-she-meets-the-sisters-for-the-first-time fic.)

Also, apparently there will be at least two instances of intense staring. Not to mention smirking. Also, Megan, Peter, and Ethan all looking rather adorable. (I think this might be right when Peter's sisters show up.)

On the down side: Oh, Megan, what did we tell you last season about animal prints? Oof.
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Unlike the previous two outings, both filmed this season, this one is a leftover from S1, and it shows. It was good again! Well, okay, "good" is probably a stretch when referring to this show, but it didn't make me want to turn the TV off halfway through.

Spoilers )

Ultimately, though this was decent, what I mostly got excited about was the preview for next week, which featured this conversation:

Megan: You are so comfortable delving into my personal life.
Peter: That's just our thing, I guess.
Megan: You and I have a thing?

Yes, yes indeed you have a thing. And it's adorable.
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Apparently LJ is having issues e-mailing comments. I assume we'll all get a barrage of them in our inboxes sometime over the weekend.

Anyway, episode comments:

Spoilers )
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Assorted promo photos are out for Body of Proof's new season. I have to admit, for some reason I'm having a hard time getting excited for all the premieres next week--well, okay, for BoP and Castle; I'm all over Fringe's premiere--but these are inciting little flickers of interest.

[I think these are all from the second episode of the season, but given that they had four left over from S1, I have no idea when this one will actually air. Dear ABC: Please will you just air things in order this time?]

Megan dramatically staring at Peter. I assume they're having one of their frequent heart-to-hearts, you know, as you do when you're examining a body out in the woods. Also, LOOK LOOK MEGAN IS WEARING APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR FOR HIKING IN THE WOODS IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

I don't know what Peter has done to his hair, though. You can see the butchery better in this photo. Dear Peter: Fauxhawks have never looked good on anyone ever.

Megan, too cool for school. Or the woods, whatever.

Joanna Cassidy comes back at some point!

Oh, it looks like some part of this episode is going to be quite maudlin indeed.

Behind-the-scenes fun.
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Things that should not be: a spider in my bed. The little bastards can have the outdoors, and honestly I've realized that with the trap door to the attic in my bedroom keeping them out of the room itself is a lost cause, but they have no business being in my bed.

(This wasn't even that little; it was a bit bigger than my fingertip. My spider identification skills do at least include the black widow and brown recluse, neither of which this was, so while I'm reasonably certain it wasn't poisonous, that still does not give it the right to be in my bed. I squished it with extreme prejudice.)


Publicity photos are out for the first S2 episode of Body of Proof. (Well, technically it's a leftover from season one, but whatever.) Looks like Bud and Sam are going to have an opportunity to be awesome.

Some links

Aug. 17th, 2011 09:13 pm
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In re: Monday's W13. Yeah, pretty much this. Haha.

Shark- and clownfish-shaped remote control blimps. I WANT ONE.

I found the link to that here, where I frequently lurk. In the post was a link to this post, which is still one of the funniest things I've ever read.

And finally, the Season 2 promo for Body of Proof is out. Mostly I'm just amused by the fact that there's a clip of Ethan wearing a pink feather boat and...apparently getting hit in the back of the knees by something? Falling down in horror at something he's seeing? I have no idea, but that storyline surely must be entertaining.
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Title: A Beginning
Rating: G
Word Count: 3500
Characters and Pairings: Megan/Peter friendship and UST. Joan Hunt also features.
Summary: "So, does this"—she pointed the mouth of her empty beer bottle first at herself, then at him—"mean we're friends now?" Post-ep for "Society Hill."
Note: This assumes the original episode order, which has "Buried Secrets" as 1x03, "All in the Family" as 1x04, and "Society Hill" as 1x05.

'You rebel.' / 'That was nothing compared to the time I set the canopy on fire at the debutante ball she insisted I have when I was seventeen.' )
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Five bucks says Slonczewski is behind this review on the Food Network website.

(References [1, 2] for those of you who weren't around here in 2003.)


BoP finale-spoilery tweet from Jeri Ryan.

At least she understands? I can just imagine everyone involved cringing when they read that script.

Speaking of BoP, The Good Wife moves to Sundays next season, so maybe they won't split the audience next year (though Parenthood is still competing with it, and CBS is airing a new series about a female cop with an eidetic memory). I can hope, anyway.

I hear that Lawrence Kaplow is going to start writing and producing for the show next season. He was last found on House (here's a list of his episodes). House fans, is he any good?


Finally, here is a spoilery picture and description of a scene from the third episode of Rizzoli & Isles's second season. It's kind of adorable. I still haven't actually, you know, watched the show since early last season, but I occasionally keep up with the fic for it, as I am a huge sucker for partnershippy femslash, and really, that picture is cute as hell.
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I found a plot summary for what was originally going to be the S1 finale of BoP. Spoilers under the cut: spoily )


Apparently NBC is putting Grimm on at the same time as Fringe has been (and I assume will continue next season) airing. I don't care that much personally, because after watching the three clips they posted, I'm thinking the show looks alternately dire and like Buffy with a dude, and so I probably won't be watching, but I worry that it will bleed ratings points from Fringe. Not that I expect Fringe to get another season after this one (which was pretty obviously a gift), but since I started watching the show, it's become a reflex to worry about its ratings. Though I suppose the more likely scenario is that Grimm gets canned after about four episodes because there are only so many genre viewers around at 9 PM on Fridays, and between Fringe, Supernatural, and Grimm, it'll get the short end of the stick.


And finally, yesterday I watched what may just become my favorite adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, done in 2005 as part of the BBC's Shakespeare Retold series. The series modernized four of the plays, putting them in contemporary settings, using modern language, and rewriting the stories slightly. TTotS stars Shirley Henderson as an independently-wealthy Conservative MP running for Leader of the Opposition, who is advised that getting married might make her bad-tempered image more palatable to the general public, and Rufus Sewell as a penniless crossdressing aristocrat who owes £54,000 in back-taxes and who thus needs to marry well. You can imagine that the crossdressing part doesn't go over very well with Katherine, who finds out about it at a particularly terrible time. As a bonus, Jaime Murray plays fashion model Bianca, and Stephen Tompkinson (aka Father Peter Clifford from Ballykissangel) is Harry, who appears to be a composite of Petruchio's flunkies from the original. Twiggy is the sisters' mother.

As you might expect, this interpretation changes quite a bit of the play; most importantly, it emphasizes that Petruchio/Peter (the cast list and DVD chapter titles disagree on his actual name, and it's never mentioned in the film) is just as in need of "taming" as Katherine, and it also makes clear that both of them are getting something out of the marriage both emotionally and practically. However, I was struck by how it never let the original get too far from your mind; Petruchio/Peter quotes a lot from the text, and Katherine quotes a few key lines as well.

Spoilers )

As if the script weren't enough, Shirley Henderson and Rufus Sewell have insane amounts of chemistry and sexual tension in all their scenes together, and are really fun to watch. The whole thing is hilarious and worth checking out.

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