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Awesome crossover idea: A serial killer is on the loose somewhere in the US, and the characters of Castle, due South, Bones, Body of Proof, and Rizzoli & Isles have to team up to catch him or her. Some or all of the following happens:

I have obviously given this FAR too much thought. )

You know what would also be amazing? If Mary McDonnell were to guest star on BoP as, like, Bud and Sam's lieutenant/captain, or one of Megan's old med school mentors or neurologist colleagues or something. Anything where she and Dana Delany would share several scenes. I think my screen would implode from that much awesome on it.

(ETA: Come to think of it, DD did guest star in an episode of BSG ("Sacrifice"). I should rewatch that and see if they were in a scene together...)
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Bones watchers! Answer me this important question: last night's episode. Should I watch it and mock heavily, or will it just fill me with rage? Inquiring minds want to know!
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I watched the latest Bones after hearing good things, I didn't think anything would make me actually want to write my pedagogy paper. Huh.

Castle has officially out-Bonesed Bones. Please don't cancel it, ABC!


Mar. 17th, 2009 09:48 am
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Castle was again lightweight but cute. But..."Nikki Heat"? Seriously, show? Does Castle write the kind of mysteries I'm still pretty sure Fox Mulder was writing in between the end of XF and the new movie? Perhaps this is a first draft. Let us all hope it's a first draft.

Apparently there was a new episode of Bones last week, but...I just don't seem to care enough to devote an hour of my life to watching it. (I guess I can only take one crime procedural at a time.) Maybe I'll just read y'all's posts on it until The Big Spoiler happens, then start watching again.
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I am very confused. Spoilers for the rest of the season )
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It just occured to me that Ivanova and Clark (from Bones) would be so happy to be co-workers. They each spend so much time trying not to hear about co-workers' and/or aliens' personal lives, and can never quite manage to escape. They'd meet each other and be like, "You don't want to talk about your sex life and romance woes with me? OH THANK GOD! Work with me forever!"

Right. Back to the paper. I have half of it done...
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We've started Ulysses in my Joyce class, and we'll be reading it until the end of the semester. I read the first three chapters this evening.

I...don't know how to mark it up. Nothing in my career as an English major and English grad student has trained me for this. So I'm just marking the lines I find beautiful, and anything to do with Irish literature or history or myth (which is rather a lot of things, admittedly). And if I had to guess, I would say that was Joyce's aim--to have you fall into the language and just roll around in it like a pig in mud. I have Gifford's annotations--and this is a separate book that is bigger than the novel--but I kind of hate to look at them, even after finishing a chapter. Turning it into a jigsaw puzzle of allusions takes much of the fun out of it.

(I think I'm considerably more sanguine about this than I could be because I know already that I'm writing my one paper for this class on Portrait, so I just have to absorb enough for class discussion rather than for production of something scholarly.)

Speaking of that paper...I have to have an abstract by Thursday, and it's driving me crazy. Everything I want to say is scattered across eight or nine bullet points in a Word document, but I can't seem to turn them into a 250-word piece of prose. This should be easy, but it really isn't. I may have to write the introduction and a body paragraph or two before I can abstract the thing.

I do have a title for it, though! "Joyce's New Mobile Aisling: Women as Aspects of Art in A Portrait of the Artist." It'll be great. And it ties into my thesis topic oh-so nicely, although probably I won't be able to use much of the text in the thesis, which is a bit of a drag, but, eh. Good background.


Watched the newest episode of Bones today as well. A couple not-too-spoilery comments )


I owe people comments, which I will totally get to soon. And then probably be on radio silence, because I have a comps study session tomorrow (yes, the orals are some fourteen months away. The reading list is five pages long) and another paper to write. And I have to finish Adam Bede at some point as well...
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I went down to the DMV this morning to renew my license. Before I left, when I was deabting which book to take with me, I went with the fun book (Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin; this is my second time through it) rather than one of the things I could read for class and felt really transgressive. I think I actually may have said to myself, "Tee hee! I'm being so bad!"

A LIFE. I need one, stat.


This week's Bones was anvilicious. Not that this is new. A couple spoilery comments )
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I discovered the joy that is [ profile] bones_spoilers yesterday, and am eating up all that they have. (I tend more towards Spoiler Virgin status for most of my shows, but let's face it, this show has never had good quality writing that would be lessened by knowing plot points in advance.)

Discussion of the next episode specifically, and one long-ranging spoiler more generally )
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Click the image to download a .zip file of all the mood icons.

Instructions for uploading via the admin console are here, or you can use LJ's Manage Mood Themes page. (I have no idea what works and what doesn't with various levels of account. I have a paid account, and both options work for me. Your mileage may vary.)

It includes caps through "The Passenger in the Oven" (4.09), but I would only consider it spoily through 3.10, "The Santa in the Slush." (Your idea of a spoiler may not be mine, etc.) Caps come mostly from Bones Fans Online, and also from [ profile] laugh_cry_live.

If you use this mood theme, credit would be greatly appreciated!
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Bones with Lego.
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I made cranberry sauce for the first time this year. I was never a fan of the canned stuff, but since I've really gotten into dried cranberries over the past year or two, I decided to try my own version, cobbled together from multiple recipes online.

The amounts here made enough for my parents and me to have it on turkey and have some left over to drizzle on a loaf of cranberry orange bread next week. Keep the ratios the same and you can make as much or as little as you want.

4 oz fresh cranberries (about two or three cups; basically, this was a third of a 12 oz bag)
1 orange
1 cup sugar + more to taste (I probably ended up with two cups; you just have to keep tasting it as it cooks)
1/2 cup water
Splash of orange juice

Bring sugar and water to a boil. Peel orange and dice into small pieces (use a knife to get ride of the bitter white stuff just under the peel), then add orange and cranberries to boiling sugar water. Boil for about thirty minutes or until the cranberries have popped and the mixture is red and kind of jamish.


I'm done with my Bones moodtheme! I figured I wouldn't finish it until 2010, so that was a surprise. (Dear lord, there are a lot of moods. And some that are just unnecessary, like "recumbent" or "complacent," while they leave off infinitely useful moods like "dubious" or "horrified.") I just have to do some last-minute color correction then I will share!
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Still freezing. But woodstoves and heat are good.

Grumbly comments on two more Bones episodes )
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S4, episodes 3-4 )
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Over-caffeinated thoughts )

Ohhhhhh, I need to lay off the capslock there.
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All Bones episodes should be as hilarious as "The Baby in the Bough." Because Brennan fluttering her hands in a baby's face and singing, "Phalanges! Dancing phalanges!" is the funniest thing I've seen in my life.

Further thoughts on that episode and the rest of S3 )


I also watched the latest episode of Pushing Daisies. OMG SO GOOD. And funny. Can't forget funny. I liked the real CSI vs. private eye angle. Is it just me, or on the map, did the bus drive up to Alaska to indicate where Papen County was? Because there weren't any political borders, but it sure looked way up there.

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