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I skipped Castle tonight in order to watch the second half of the W13 finale, and was not disappointed. Especially since ABC, unlike some other networks I could name *coughcoughFOXcough* is still putting its programs up online the day after airing.

Spoilers ho!

Monday Night Femslash! )


More Fringe stuff, because I seem to be getting more fannish about it than ever:

*sporfle* Fringe credits, Friends-style.

Speaking of Fringe vids, I have the urge to make an Olivia/Peter vid to Hem's "In a Barrel at Sea." Although I feel like it might work better with footage from when we finally get Peter back, whenever that may be...probably around the time I finally get together enough footage to make a vid at all.

Icon meme

Oct. 2nd, 2011 12:20 am
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First, a squee!dorable Warehouse 13 Christmas photo. Including the dog!

Second, an extremely belated icon meme from [ profile] gamesiplay: icons )

1. Comment to this post and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Some links

Aug. 17th, 2011 09:13 pm
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In re: Monday's W13. Yeah, pretty much this. Haha.

Shark- and clownfish-shaped remote control blimps. I WANT ONE.

I found the link to that here, where I frequently lurk. In the post was a link to this post, which is still one of the funniest things I've ever read.

And finally, the Season 2 promo for Body of Proof is out. Mostly I'm just amused by the fact that there's a clip of Ethan wearing a pink feather boat and...apparently getting hit in the back of the knees by something? Falling down in horror at something he's seeing? I have no idea, but that storyline surely must be entertaining.
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OMG, this photo of a miniature horse. It has little horse sneakers. Little VELCRO horse sneakers.

ETA: Further research suggests that because this is a guide horse and goes in malls and other places with slick floors, it requires shoes to avoid slipping on the tiles. And also to be ridiculously cute.


Warehouse 13 )

Rizzoli & Isles )
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Tonight's Warehouse 13 )

I tried to watch Rizzoli & Isles tonight, but about halfway through, the sound acquired a weird transmitted-through-water quality. Honestly, as pretty as HD is, Comcast's version of it certainly leaves something to be desired; at least on the cable networks, I have yet to watch a full episode of anything without some kind of problem such as the sound cutting out, the picture stuttering or going blank for a couple seconds. I'm tempted to go back to watching them online the next day. Anyway, the half of this episode I saw had way, way too much plot and not nearly enough Jane/Maura, plus there was an excess of children, so I can't say as I feel compelled to finish watching it any time soon.


Links for you:

A lovely bird picture.

Cracked: 5 Visions of the Future from Experts (Who Should Be Fired). I agree completely with five and four. I watched those videos and actually felt a sense of revulsion. I will never, ever answer IMs from work on my bathroom mirror, okay? No.* And the House of the Future was...oddly fond of making you work harder to do everyday things like make a shopping list. How is hunting through pictures of what you want or writing it on a screen with a fingertip easier than writing with a pen or pencil on a piece of paper? They even make magnetized pads that stick to your fridge for that kind of thing, guys. Come on. I know these are concept videos rather than deliverable products, but still.

...I swear, I didn't used to be this much of a Luddite. Actually, I think I'm less a Luddite than someone with well-thought-out concerns about whether whiz-bang tech will actually make my life easier or not, as well as someone with a well-developed sense of privacy. *shakes old lady cane*

* Although I would totally take one of those flexi-glass e-books, and the flexi-glass pad thingy they were using in the office.
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The shows I watch all had fairly blah outings this week. Boo. Very short thoughts on all of them follow:

Rizzoli & Isles )

Burn Notice )

Warehouse 13 )

While I'm here, have two links:

Hipster Star Trek - Sadly not updated recently and only has a few macros, but the ones they have are hilarious.

WTF Comcast - Comcast OnDemand listings that are...well...odd.
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Photo and videographic evidence )


In other news, apparently there was a lot of carnage at ABC today as they leaked pickups and cancellations, but Body of Proof survived and will get a second season! Hurrah! This likely means we won't see the last four episodes of this season until September, alas, but I'd rather have that then see them earlier with no second season.

I haven't looked up info on all the shows they and the other networks who have announced pickups already are going to air, but from what I've seen, Once Upon a Time looks interesting. Pan-Am's concept is intriguing (pilots and flight attendants in the 1960s—hey, [ profile] rowdycamels, remember how we were saying a show centered on travel agents could be interesting? Apparently we were sort of prophetic!), but it's also billed as a very soapy soap opera, and...nope, don't think so.

Does anyone know if there's a page with summaries of all the new series that have been picked up all in one place? Googling individual titles is getting old.

Speaking of new series, apparently there is a Warehouse 13 spinoff in development, and it stars H.G. Wells! It will take place in the 1890s, and feature her as a sort of sciencey Sherlock Holmes (because god knows we can't have a show without mysteries-of-the-week). I'm torn over this; one the one hand, MOAR H.G. WELLS YAY!, but on the other, half the reason I liked her was because she and Myka were so slashy on W13. But maybe H.G. will guest star on W13 a lot since they'll probably be filming in the same studio?
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Insta-rec: The Future An Experiment by [ profile] thrace_ - Lovely, plotty Myka/H.G. Wells fic. I wish it were canon.


I am the very model of a modern major general... )
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Just FYI, Joyce has completely infested my brain. (I mean, I knew this already. But now I have confirmation.) First I make a conscious decision to write something around a couple lines from "The Dead." Then in the fourth sentence, I write a metaphor that is lovely, and yet oddly familiar. Thinking...thinking...googling...ah, yes. It is in fact from the third chapter of Portrait of the Artist.

Now I just need to include something from Ulysses (a library with Cyclopean Citizen? a newsroom where headlines blow like winds? an unenactable play where the main character turns into a pig?) and a few nonsense syllables or portmanteaus for Finnegan's Wake, and I'll be all set. Since what I'm writing is told from a female point of view despite all the Joycean overtones, I feel very self-satisfyingly subversive right now.

...Sorry, sorry. Irish Lit and Joyce in particular makes me really, obnoxiously dorky. It'll pass.


I just had the most wonderful crossover idea: before H.G. Wells, inventor and Warehouse apprentice (Warehouse 13), got bronzed, she ran into Rebecca Fogg, spy for her majesty Queen Victoria (Secret Adventures of Jules Verne). Awesome ensues. A bad guy probably dies. Someone's timeline would have to be fudged a bit, since SAJV is set in the 1860s and H.G. was apparently an apprentice at Warehouse 12 in the 1890s or very early 1900s, but whatever.

(Hmmm...maybe H.G. is sent to recover one of Jules's inventions or maybe even the Aurora, and Rebecca isn't about to let that happen. Though that would put them on opposite sides, and I rather like the idea of them teaming up to fight a big bad.)

Please tell me someone else will write this so I don't have to!

Oh, and

Sep. 7th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Addendum to my last post:

Anyone know how many rooms are in Leena's B&B? 'Cause I'm thinking there could very easily be a scenario where, oops, there's another room but it's not yet set up as a bedroom, so spoiler ), you wouldn't mind sharing with spoiler ) for a little while, would you?

'Cause if that isn't canon, I think I may have to write it.
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